6 Things To Do While Sitting Under The Dryer
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6 Things To Do While Sitting Under The Dryer

It’s that time again. Here are some ways to pass the time while sitting under the dryer.

6 Things To Do While Sitting Under The Dryer

Ladies! We all want to get our hair washed, treated and styled, but if you're not getting a blow out right after you get your hair washed then guess where you're headed... Dare I say dun-dun-dun? Maybe you'll get the one that's broken, or the one that has food in the seats, but you'll have to brave it, my friend, because you'll be sitting here for two hours. Use the bathroom, get some snacks, and get extremely comfy because you are now sitting under the dryer. If you have ever experienced sitting under a dryer, especially in a salon on a busy Saturday, we both know it can be a drag! Here's how to pass the time while sitting under the dryer:

1. Read magazines.

Catch up on the latest celebrity news, check out some new styles for the season and scan them for new recipes or workout tips. What if the magazines are old? Check them out anyway, some of them cover interesting insider stories that you may have never heard about!

2. Listen to music.

If you just downloaded new songs or albums onto your phone this is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the music. Turn the volume up just enough where you can hear your music and tune out the other miscellaneous sounds.

3. Watch Netflix.

I can literally tell you from personal experience, I have watched full movies on Netflix and just when I think it will take up enough time, I come back to reality and the dryer is still going! You can watch full series, new feature movies, or old ones you've been dying to re-watch.

4. Watch videos elsewhere.

If you don't have Netflix, you can always watch funny videos on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites. They will keep you entertained and if you scroll through enough you'll forget you're under the dryer! You'll stop worrying about how much time you have left! Hopefully.

5. Read a book.

Yes you definitely read that correctly. If you've had enough of your phone or the battery is just about dead, get that book that's been knocked around in your purse and finally open it. Whether it be for school, work, or just leisure time, keep a book handy. You'll never know when you'll need it.

6. Last, but certainly not least, think about life.

I have had my best thoughts while sitting under the dryer—no lie! With a busy schedule, sitting under the dryer does give me some time to think about life. If your surroundings are way too noisy, which they might be, pop in some ear plugs or ear buds and just relax. Think about things you are looking forward to or brush up on tough decisions you were trying to put off. If you know you have other things to do when you leave the salon, use this one wisely. Even though it may not be completely quiet, you may be able to think about some thoughts or events that have been bothering you, or maybe you just want to reminisce. If all else fails (boring magazines, a dead phone, and finished book), sit back, listen to the whirring machine and breathe.

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