From The College Girl Who Now Knows That Single Life Is The Best Life
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From The College Girl Who Now Knows That Single Life Is The Best Life

I'm embracing singleness, and you should too.

From The College Girl Who Now Knows That Single Life Is The Best Life

I’m not going to be the one to write another Valentine’s Day article complaining about singleness, nor will I be all lovey dovey.

No, I am going to be the one to embrace it. Being single has so many perks that are brushed aside, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day. To you people that go into depression mode on this day, I have good news, take a chill pill and look at the bright side of this occasion.

Singleness is the time to live! You physically have nothing holding you back. Could you and your girls buy plane tickets to West Palm Beach on impulse the night before just because you want a getaway? Or, could you and your boys drop everything and take off on a road trip to the mountains at 5am? These are situations that we day dream about, why not follow them?

Take the job offer in New York. You don’t have kids to raise, you don’t have a significant other to please, and if you have a puppy, he/she can come with! A dream job is a once in a lifetime opportunity that if you let go once, in most cases, you let go for good. Your schedule is yours and only yours, your nights will be free to go downtown with coworkers and new friends, and you will be the only person you have to worry about.

Those are “big deal” examples. Let’s think about the more simple ideas. How much will you miss wine and movie night with your bestie? Do it while you can. Rosé and Rachelle won’t be available forever either.

This is the time to join a slow pitch softball team. Would your Tuesday and Thursday evenings be available if you were tied down? Go meet those new teammates and make those new friends. There is a very good chance that they are in the same boat as you.

Go to the club because it’s your sorority sister’s birthday and you wouldn’t miss it. Put on the black, sparkly dress and the extra eyeshadow. Strut the streets in your clique of five and slay the game.

Join the pottery club because you’re artsy and you can make cute little pieces for your cute little single room apartment.

Catch the bouquet at your best friend’s wedding! Kacie will try to aim for you.

Last but not least, own it. Find who you want to be and be confident in it before you even start looking for a significant other. Confidence is the most attractive anyways and think about all of the stories you’ll have to tell about your single years if you choose to make the most of them. Also, who knows, maybe while you’re “living it up”, that special someone will walk right in and blindside you. Happy belated Valentine’s Day to all of you singles out there. Have some fun with it.

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