Singers Who Were Stalked: Nobody is Untouchable (Stalking Awareness Month)

Singers Who Were Stalked: Nobody is Untouchable (Stalking Awareness Month)

We're all vulnerable

January is Stalking Awareness Month. I've already wrote about stalking last January (, and it doesn't hurt to keep talking about this terrifying crime. In my first article about the case, I discussed how laws have changed and how anybody, civilians or celebrities, can be a victim. This week, I'm going to discuss singers that you may not know have been stalking victims. Anybody can be a victim including singers, especially with lack of privacy we have today.

Amy Lee (Evanescence):

Lead singer of Evanescence, Amy has a gift for creating dark music. One song in particular, "Snow White Queen", is especially dark because of its personal history. The song talks about both a stalker and the victim:

"You'll never know
The way your words have haunted me
I can't believe you'd ask these things of me
You don't know me now or ever


You belong to me
My snow white queen
There's nowhere to run...


Amy revealed that for months she was stalked and hid out in a hotel instead of staying in her home because she was afraid of her stalker. The title of the song is how Amy's looks have been compared to Snow White, and her username, and how stalking makes one feel worshipped, in a disturbed way, like a queen.

Snow White Queen:


Icelandic superstar Björk was stalked by Ricardo López for nine months. López started stalking Björk by sending her multiple letters to her, then filmed a video diary of himself preparing to send a bomb to her house. The video diary ended with him shooting himself in the mouth. Thankfully the bomb was tracked down before it could reach Björk. What started out as an innocent celebrity crush, turned deadly when López found out Björk was in a relationship. The videos have since been publicized. Björk sent flowers and a sympathy card to López's family but admitted the incident scared her where she wasn't sleeping, even causing her to move.


Mexican sensation Selena's career was sadly cut short. In the midst of up and coming success, the star had opened two boutiques in her native Texas. The boutique manager? The president of her fan club, and close friend, Yolanda Saldívar. What started out as a great friendship turned lethal and dark. Saldívar was mishandling the money from the boutiques and fan club, using the money for her own needs, driving a wedge between Saldívar, Selena, and Selena's family. What nobody knew was Saldívar was obsessed with Selena: her house covered in posters of the singer, Saldívar doing everything to please Selena, even being rude to whoever tried to get close to her idol and even having keys to Selena's house. When Selena confronted Saldívar on the missing money, Saldívar shot Selena in the back. Selena bled out before reaching the hospital. Saldívar is now serving a life sentence. Selena's tragic death is a cautionary tale of being too trusting, even those close to us.

Selena's death recreated in the 1997 movie Selena (beautifully portrayed by Jennifer Lopez):

Paula Abdul:

During the Season 5 auditions for American Idol, judge Paula Abdul came face to face with a longtime stalker, Paula Goodspeed. After being rejected, Paula said Goodspeed's stalking escalated, even Goodspeed following Paula home after a different set of auditions. Goodspeed wrote multiple letters to Paula, some confessing her undying love for the singer and some threatening harm; Goodspeed even changed her name after her idol. Rattled, Paula spent less and less time in her California home. In November 2008, Goodspeed committed suicide outside of Paula's house by overdosing on prescription drugs. This event led Paula to quit American Idol in 2009, blaming the producers for allowing her stalker to meet her after begging them not to let her in.

Any of us can be a victim of stalking, regardless of fame. It's important to trust our instincts and seek help.

National Hotline for Crime Victims:
1-855-4-VICTIM (1-855-484-2846)

Cover Image Credit: HealthStreet

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6 Times 'The Bold Type' Tackled Real-Life Issues

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Each character must undertake obstacles, and here are a few wholesome examples.

When Sutton put her job above her relationship with Richard.


"It's a gamble. All of it. But I'm putting my money down on my career and believing that love will fall in place." – Sutton

She's a powerhouse, and through the trials of "The Bold Type" Season 2, Sutton feared her relationship with Richard, an HR employee for Stafford, the company that runs Scarlet, is going to jeopardize her future as a fashion designer at the magazine. In the end, she chose her career over Richard, and while she felt heartbroken over her decision, she knew it was what she had to do, in order to progress her career at Scarlet.

When Jane found out she carries the BRCA gene.


After losing her mom to breast cancer, Jane decides it's best she get tested for the gene mutation called BRCA. Well, she gets tested, and it comes out positive. Jane must quickly come to terms with her future fertility arrangements, and it becomes a lot to unpack for her, as she is only in her early 20s. However, she takes charge of her health and decides that she will be freezing her eggs to ensure her ability to have kids in the future, but another problem arises. The company that runs Scarlet doesn't have an insurance plan that covers medical visits for fertility issues. Jane is inflamed, so she turns her thoughts into words, writing a piece for Scarlet, discussing the unfairness between the company not offering fertility coverage, but instead, impotence, or Viagra coverage.

At the start of Season 3, which aired April 10, 2019, we see that her article worked, and we begin to witness Jane and the start of her egg-freezing process unravel.

When Kat tackled social norms.


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When Sutton realized she doesn’t have to give up her relationship, in order to do what she loves.


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I think the most beautiful thing about Sutton getting back together with Richard is that she finally realized she is a remarkably- talented fashion designer, and no relationship is going to jeopardize that fact. Season 3 just began, so we'll see how Sutton and Richard's relationship continues to progress, or what issues may arise with them being exclusive.

The three dominant best friends never giving up on themselves or one another.


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