In crisp winter air,

on a ground covered in snow,

walked a man through the forest,

leaving footprints in his path.

Bundled in fleece,

and mittens on each hand,

he spotted a village in the distance.

With thoughts of a cozy fire,

and warm soup in his belly,

he trekked through the storm.

After crossing over mountainsides,

and trees dusted with snow,

he arrived at a cabin.

His knock on the door,

was returned with a welcoming smile.

The strangers hurried him in,

and sat him by the fire.

Placing hot chocolate in his hand,

they asked about his journey.

He told them tales of adventure,

about wondrous feats and heroic attempts.

But most of all,

he told them the essence of Christmas.

And it goes like this...

Hot cocoa and plenty of peppermint,

evergreen trees covered with ornament.

Wrapped presents underneath the tree,

and sitting on top of Santa's knee.

Christmas parties and an ugly sweater,

snow and lots of freezing weather.

Festive movies and family meeting,

an abundance of overeating.

Stocking hung up in a row,

kissing under the mistletoe.

Drinking eggnog all day long,

jingle bells are ringing strong.

Caroling from place to place,

gingerbread to stuff your face.

Snowmen built from fresh snowflakes,

ice skating on frozen lakes.

All these things can be a distraction,

but giving is the main attraction.

Celebrating Jesus' birth,

is really what matters most.

Christmastime is meant for joy,

not for receiving a certain toy.

So don't forget this holiday season,

the simple most important reason,

to care for others and their well-being,

for giving is far better than receiving.