A new year, a new you, right? While this is a lovely goal, to make this dream into a reality, start with more simple life changes. My goal is to make 2019 a year full of progress and a healthier mindset and lifestyle, while still having fun. Here are six simple resolutions that are guaranteed to make 2019 an even better 2018.

1. Pet more dogs

I mean really, how would this not help you? More puppies = more happiness. Make 2019 a year full of puppies and it is bound to be successful.

2. Less coffee, more water

This one may seem a little wild, but you gotta hydrate before you dehydrate. Instead of stopping for that extra iced coffee, just try some water and watch the wonders it will do for your mood and skin over the year.

3. Start running

Doesn't matter how fast or how far, but try to add in some running to your weekly routine and the five seconds of anger you get from being cut off on the highway will magically disappear.

4. Take time for yourself

Being extroverted, this one might seem boring and not good. But in 2019, try to find some time for yourself, and be comfortable with being by yourself.

5. For any negative thought, try to counter it with a positive one

There are times that this will be extremely challenging, but consider this one for yourself and your own mental health, nothing else. Be more positive, more grateful for what you have, not what you are missing.

6. Don't take life too seriously

Just chill out a little this year, in 2019 it is my goal to be more comfortable with letting life take its course and not trying to plan every little detail. Sometimes things really are just "it is what it is", and you should just go with it.