Silence: A Poem

I lack (alack!)

A mind to mutter to

All that wanders through

My wondering mind.

Eyes to see

The need and meet

The whole that I

(alack!), I lack

I lack (alack!)

The space to share

The words to reach

Out anywhere

A tongue to speak

The fire that burns

This life that I

(alack!), I lack.

I lack (alack!)

The thing that keeps

Man sane, the bliss,

The ignorance of never

Knowing what's amiss

To never feel the

Pain of nothing I

(alack!), I lack.

I lack (alack!)

The brakes to slow

Down the mind

That turns and toils

Constantly without

A break, reminding

Me of all that I

(alack!), I lack.

I lack (alack!)

The heart to hear

The voice that

Whispers in my ear

That tells me truth

that He supplies

All that I

(alack!), I lack.

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