10 Things That Happen When You're the "Oops" Baby

10 Things That Happen When You're the "Oops" Baby

The ten facts you either know or need to know to prove you are in fact the "oops" baby.

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“Oops” that’s the magical little word your parents said when your mom found out she was pregnant. Now your parents will never admit you were in fact the “oops” baby, they will say “You were a great surprise” or the famous “You’re the best gift we’ve ever gotten.” While your siblings will tell you how it is straight up. “Mom and dad weren’t supposed to have you.” “You were an “oops” baby”. Here are the things that happen growing up being the “oops” baby.

1. The Age Gap

If you do have older siblings you will notice how there is quite a few years between you and them. Take it from me, my two older sisters are twenty-seven and twenty-five. They’re only two years apart, while I’m only eighteen. That makes them nine and seven years apart from me.

2. The Role of Your Siblings

Your older brother or older sister aren’t your usual siblings and neither are you. They’re your second mom or dad. They take the role of the parents the day you are born. Going out to a party and they ask where you are? You lie. You lie your ass off, because if you tell them the truth mom and dad will be picking you up soon at your friend Susan’s house and then grounding you. Then your older siblings will give you the famous “I had to, something could have happened.” Bullsh*** like they never went to a party and drank! So hurry up and block them on Snapchat.

3. Being an only child. Kind of

When you are the “oops” baby your siblings will be well grown. By the time you’re in middle school they will be going off to college or even buying their own place away from mom and dads. While you wish you could join them sadly you can’t. But the greatest thing is besides being lonely for some amount of time you realize the best thing of all. You can do whatever you want. You no longer have your other parents to tell you what to do! But warning they will text/call you a lot. There will never be a day where you haven’t heard from them. They feel it is there duty as a sibling to still talk to you as if they’re home. Please I’m a busy woman, I can’t be texting you about who I’m hanging out with and where.

Actual text from my sister.

4. Your parents are so old

One thing that is one of the worse, your parents might be a little too old to play catch with you in the backyard. This is a bummer, all your friends parents have an actual relationship with their kids, while you help your mom make dinner. Some people might actually think your father is your grandfather.

“Oh Gill is this your Grandpa, he’s so cute!”

“Um no this is my dad.” It gets a little awkward.

5. Your parents don’t care anymore

“Another one” in the famous words of DJ Khaled every time a kid goes away to college the parents stop caring about making dinner for everyone and just worry about themselves, or actually start to do stuff with their friends. I didn’t even know parents could have friends. This is great for the kids who went away to college or moved out because then the parents won’t be checking up on them all the time. But this is a “major key” (As once or multiple times said by DJ Khaled) for the “oops” baby who is still at home. Every night becomes a “fend for yourself night” (Famous words of my mom). However you do learn how to buy groceries at a young age and is now basically a young chef and should audition for “Top Chef” (television reference for those who don’t know).

6. Your parents literally do not care

Your siblings went to Disney World and met Mickey when they were five? Awh how sweet. My sisters got their Mickey Mouse hats sewn in with their name when they were five with my parents. I didn’t go to Disney World until I was eighteen a senior in high school for my class trip. I bought myself my own damn hat with my name sewn in it! They don’t want to take you where “Dreams come true”.

“It’s about time!”

7. Money

A great thing about being the “oops” and youngest kid. Money. Your parents give you money to go out sometimes, your older sibling gives you some money, and then your other sibling does too! And people wonder why the youngest kids in the family save and have the most money. Also your birthday/Christmas/graduation/etc. gifts are off the chain! Since your mother and father are older and most of the kids are out of the house and off of their insurance they have money to spend. Oh and your sister who is now a lawyer yeah she has got some money to buy you those new rose-gold Beats headphones thank you very much! Need some money for going out ask your other sister who’s in town and misses you? Boom now you have twenty dollars to spend.

8. Sleepovers

Back to the whole sibling thing—if you ever need to get out of the house, you see that miss call you have there, yeah it’s your older sibling he/she wants to hangout. Get out of jail free card. Your parents will never and I mean never let you miss an opportunity to hang out with your sibling even if you’re grounded.

9. Advice

Being the “oops” baby you can never really connect with your siblings because you don’t deal with the same problems. But when your fuck boy is messing with you as they normally do your sibling will give you advice being that they have been there already.

10. You wouldn’t have it any other way

Yes the last number is always the corniest but I want to end this on a good note. It’s not all bad. You actually will make friends that will last a lifetime because they will play the part of your sister or brother. Shout out to my best friend (Nickie)! Also your family may be all kinds of weird but your happy to have been born into a family of weirdo’s. Most importantly even though yes you were an “oops” baby you were not a mistake! If anything you were a blessing “Bless up” (Yes it’s DJ Khaled. I swear I don’t like him.) Your parents were happy they brought you into this world because it shows them how bad they did on the first few kids they had and how you’re the best.

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