If You Appreciate Naps And Watch HGT, You Might Be Entering Adulthood
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If You Appreciate Naps, Aren't Afraid To Order Food, And Watch HGT, You Might Be Entering Adulthood

Not only do you find shows like "Property Brothers" and "House Hunters," a lot more appealing than when you were younger, you get really excited over things like flooring, kitchen cabinets, and closet space.

The "property brothers" posing for a picture

Becoming a true adult is not just based on your legal age, it's based on the adult culture. And adult culture is one that you don't really take stock of until you're on the verge of adulthood or already there. As you get older, you should be aware of these signs that indicate you are transitioning from a young adult into a fully-realized adult.

1. You have your bed in the center of your room, not the corner

Placing your bed in the center of your bedroom means embracing the space knowing that you probably have other space in your home where you can have open space. A bedroom is clearly for a bed so accepting that is part of the adult culture.

2. You watch HGTV un-ironically

Not only do you find shows like "Property Brothers" and "House Hunters," a lot more appealing than when you were younger, you get really excited over things like flooring, kitchen cabinets, and closet space.

3. You know how to pick out fruits and vegetables without help from the internet

Once you get used to buying your own produce and groceries, it becomes second-nature knowing what to look for and where to find it. No need to break out a Google Search when you're too busy nailing adulthood.

4. You aren't afraid of ordering your own food

It may take some getting used to, but one day, you'll easily and seamlessly have the courage to place your own meal orders. You may not get the sentences out perfect every time but at least you're brave enough to try.

5. You use other spices besides salt and pepper to season your food

Salt Bae knows what he's doing, has confidence in what he's doing, and when you've reached peak adulthood, you'll have the same kind of confidence regarding seasonings other than salt. Think turmeric, parsley, thyme, cumin; the possibilities are endless.

6. You appreciate naps

As much as you knocked naps as a child, and as often as you tried to power through your fatigue as a teen, there comes a time when you embrace your need for a quick snooze. Accept your tired, adult body and mind.

7. You don't hate Facebook

When you're younger, Facebook doesn't seem that great, but one day, when you haven't seen friends you haven't seen in years, that you used to see every day, and you see that they're living great lives, Facebook seems awesome.

8. You can reuse anything

Finding a use for everything and never discounting its potential to be repurposed is definitely an adult characteristic. You don't necessarily have to go as far as saving every boot you own for plants, but if you keep anything, thinking you'll need it again, your hoarding tendencies make you an adult.

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