10 Signs You're An Old Soul Trapped In A College Kid's Body

Do you feel like your soul is much older than the body it lives in? If so, you may just be an old soul. Here are 10 signs that suggest you're an old soul.

1. You find it hard to relate to people your age

A lot of the time, you may find it hard to relate to your peers who are the same age as you. Whether it be a difference in what kind of movies or music you like, or even what kind views you have on the world, a lot of the time you find yourself having a hard time finding similarities with those around you.

2. You don't mind being alone

You find a strong sense of peace and independence when you are alone and it doesn't really bother you to have time to yourself.

3. You are extremely empathetic

You feel a strong sense of empathy for others and can feel their pain deeply. It's very easy to walk in their shoes.

4. You think... A LOT!

Us old souls have a habit of over-analyzing every little thing and marinating in our thoughts. Sometimes it's good to have such profound thoughts but other times it's a bit overwhelming.

5. You love learning

As an old soul, you have an extremely open mind and crave to learn about everything you didn't know beforehand.

6. You find comfort in a certain time period

Whether it be a decade or an era, there's a certain time period that pulls you in and makes you feel like you are at home. Even though you have not lived through it, you somehow miss it and wish you can go back.

7. You easily get along with those older than you

Since at times it's hard to fit in with peers your age, it's so much easier to get along with those with more life experience than you.

Personally, I enjoy talking with people who are older than me. I find it much easier to relate to them.

8. You are spiritual

Old souls focus a lot on the soul and on the energy one emits. Material things don't hold importance to old souls. Intangible things, such as kindness and forgiveness, mean more than anything.

9. You are sensitive

Old souls tend to absorb the world around them and take everything close to heart. Something as simple as watching the news can impact them in a negative way.

10. You are creative

With all your deep thoughts, you find it very easy to express yourself through various forms of art. A lot of old souls find an escape through a certain form of art.

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