12 Dead Giveaways You Were Born And Raised In Florida

People come to Florida from all over throughout the year but if you’ve actually grown up here you can point the outsiders out.

1. You know that if you touch the metal of your seatbelt in the summer you will get third degree burns.

2. You choose Pub subs over any subs

3. If the temperature goes below 70 its winter

4. Florida weather explains why you have trust issues

5. You own more bikinis then actual clothing

6. Your childhood was all about going to Publix to get free cookies

7. When you say up north but your technically still referring to the south

8. When traveling outside of Florida you miss being able to use your Sun Pass

9. Love bugs are a pain in the butt

10. You either have a pool, a boat, or both

11. The only time school has been canceled was due to a hurricane

12. You know if it rains in the summer it'll only last about 5 mins

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