Gaslighting is a tactic someone uses to control and undermine someone while making themselves feel more powerful. Examples of people who gaslight are narcissists, abusers, or people high in power. They will start messing with your head after they tell you a lie. They tell you lies just as often or more often than the truth so the victim will believe them the entire time. If you catch them in a lie they will deny it. If you don't have any proof such as an old text message to show them, it's hard to win the argument with them. If you do find evidence of what they said wasn't true, they will try to convince you that you are wrong. They will do this by trying to convince you that you don't remember things correctly. They will do anything in their power to twist the truth so you have no way of proving your point. If you are being gaslighted you might feel kind of fatigued or depressed around them.

Don't make an excuse for this feeling you have, trust yourself. If they give off bad energy, stay away. They don't keep promises. An example is if someone says they truly like you and they smother you in compliments, but they want nothing to do with you or ignore all of your texts about making plans to hang out.

They say they will do something, but they never do it. They try to make up an excuse for not doing something or they will immediately avoid the subject and distract you. They will buy you gifts or spoil you to convince you that they care about you. This usually happens after they realize you start questioning their behaviors. Once they feel they are back in control they will also get you to agree with them.

They will do anything to get you on their side even if they are talking poorly about one of your friends.

They will make up lies about important people in your life to convince you that they are the best.

They are narcissists and want you to themselves so they can control you.

Some people may have had some of these behaviors but it doesn't always mean they are gaslighting you. Unfortunately gaslighting is more common than you think and it happens more often. Be aware.