Knowing you have found your one person and soulmate involves little things and big things. Here are some tell-tale signs you know you've found your one and only.

1. Seeing them somehow just makes everything better

Their face just makes you say 'aw'.

2. They know exactly how to make you feel better when you're down

Usually food related.

3. They know your favorite coffee order

Venti iced coffee with cream and sugar <3.

4. They love your family and your family loves them

All of a sudden you have like two family and it's great.

5. You can admit when each of you have made a mistake

You can say sorry genuinely.

6. You don’t do certain things without them

You wouldn’t dare watch “our” Netflix show without them.

7. You tell them if something is bothering you

Neither of you would let something bother you without telling the other person right away.

8. You encourage each other

This is a big one. Your partner wants the best for you even if that means you spend less time together or doing something they would otherwise not be into doing.

9. You get all cheesy when you’re around them

Pinching people’s cheeks usually isn’t normal unless they’re the one.

10. You love getting them little gifts for no reason

Just because you thought of them when you saw it.

11. You two can send each other signals at social events

“Let’s go to the bar” look, “omg that couple is fighting awk” look, and most importantly the “let’s leave and go get food” look.

12. You laugh at each other’s jokes.

Even if they aren’t funny.

13. You miss each other so much when your apart, yet you still know how to give them space

You know that guys nights and girls brunch is eminent and you’re okay with that.

14. At the end of each day, you can’t wait to tell them all the stories of the day

“You wouldn’t believe who I saw outside the food court..”

15. No problem is too big to solve

Whether it’s family drama or your stressed about work/school, you two can solve it together.

16. You weren’t really looking for them, it just happened.

It kind of reals like fate is finally working in your favor. Everyone will find their person, no matter how old you are.

17. You get each other’s quirks

The snoring, or nail-biting isn’t all that bad when it’s the one you love.

18. They listen to you

No matter what it is.

19. You can act 100% yourself in front of them

You can ugly laugh and ugly cry in front of them, and they’ll still love you to the moon and back.

20. You feel like the luckiest person on the planet

Because you found the one.