20 Tell-Tale Signs You Are DEFINITELY From Texas
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20 Tell-Tale Signs You Are DEFINITELY From Texas

"We are proud to be a Texan."

20 Tell-Tale Signs You Are DEFINITELY From Texas

Texas is unique from the other states. We have devised our own culture and built our reputation as Texans among other states. The “Lone Star State” throughout history fought hard for what they have today. That is why we are proud of anything and everything Texas. No matter if you were born and raised in Texas, or just moving to Texas, here are some things that make you a true Texan!

1. You can't go on a Texas Road Trip without stopping at Buc-ee's or Czech Stop!

When you take a road trip across Texas, there’s bound to be a Buc-ee's somewhere. They are known for their big pit stops (pretty much a Walmart sized gas station), clean restrooms, Souvenirs and, of course, Buckee the beaver (the mascot).

Czech stop is a bakery in West Texas down I-35 which is known for their Kolaches (which are delicious btw), and other various baked pastries.

When planning a road trip in Texas, make time to stop at these pit stops (because who doesn’t need a restroom break after a long drive?)

2. We measure distance in time, not in miles

When you say “how far are you," we think “how long until arrival.” Because five miles could be 10 minutes or 30 minutes depending on traffic (it gets worse depends on where you live and weather conditions).

The state of Texas is huge. According to the Texas Almanac, the Lone Star state, being the second biggest state in the USA, extends 801 straight line miles from north to south and 773 miles from east to west. That’s a lot of driving distance, especially if you travel from El Paso to Houston. Better buckle up, and stop at Buc-ee's because this trip is gonna last a while.

3.We love our trucks

When we bring up "Luxury Car," you may think of the typical brands, such as an Acura TLX, Mercedes Benz C-Class or even Lexus IS. But in Texas, our Luxury Car is a truck, especially those made by Chevy (sorry Ford). You may see some SUVs and some Toyotas, but we love our trucks. And if there is a problem with a vehicle, we tend to fix it ourselves, from simple tire changes to oil changes. We put our trucks to good use, they're not just for show, like going camping or fishing.

4. The Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys are our home teams

It's a fact, people like to root for sports teams that are closest to home for them. For us, that would be the Dallas Cowboys (NFL) and the Texas Rangers (MLB). When it comes to sports they are the face of Texas. They bring the values and norms of Texas to the field, whether that's baseball or football. They show opposing teams what it is like being a true Texan.

5. Texas is Home to the Famous AT&T Stadium

Arlington, Texas is home to our Rangers and Cowboys, and other attractions such as Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor. But the AT&T stadium is most noted, as it held numerous Super Bowls in the past several years. They also host other events such as concerts, motocross, high school football games, etc. It is also home to the 28th largest video screen in the world, and the stadium can hold around 100,000 people. This is why they call the Dallas Cowboys "America's Team." Not only they are the face of Texas, but their stadium is as well.

6. We LOVE Football!! No doubt about it!

Without a doubt, we love football. From high school football and college football to the NFL. Here, we treat high school football as if it were professional. We have stadiums that other football teams only dream of. Most people who have seen a high school football game can relate it to the movie (and tv series), “Friday Night Lights,” as it takes place in Odessa, Texas. (Another movie I highly recommend is “No Country For Old Men”).

7. When it comes to weather, Texas is Bipolar...

You never know what to expect with the weather when you come to Texas. Texas is in a unique position where we get a mix of extreme heat and extreme cold and then comes the unexpected storms. One day it may get hot, then, later on, it will rain out of nowhere. Your best bet is to adapt to the best you can because you can't control Mother Nature.

8. Texas has many places to go out and explore

We love to explore nature, whether that’s by fishing, hunting, exercising or camping. It brings people together and forms this unique bond. It also gives us time to appreciate the beauty that nature has provided. This shows us that Mother Nature has a lot more to offer us than just crazy weather.

9. The Texas State Fair- Home to fried foods, fun rides and BIG TEX!

Every year, Texas holds their annual state fair. At the state fair, people can do various activities such as try a new fried food, ride some attractions, explore some exhibits or just hang out with "Big Tex." Unlike Six Flags Over Texas, there are usually not as many rides, but to make up for it there are a lot of booths and food. It usually starts from the end of September and lasts a month until the end of October. It is a good way to experience the cultural feel of Texas.

10. We love our Blue Bell Ice Cream!

Nothing beats food from Texas, (at least from a Texans Point of view). Blue Bell is an American ice cream company that was founded in Brenham, Texas, which later became popular throughout the state. Not only does their ice cream taste unique from other ice creams, but it brings a sense of home to Texans wherever it's sold. Blue Bell has over 250 different flavors, some of those offered year round. We are proud of anything that is founded and established here in our homeland.

11. Whataburger

Just like Blue Bell, Whataburger is founded in San Antonio, Texas (and yes, we are proud of it). They are known for their burgers, especially the "Whataburger," and their architecture (their signature A-frame design and orange and white color scheme.) We also make it a hobby to take the number tags at Whataburger. Why? It varies depending on the person. Some people just want to “collect them all,” some just want their lucky number.

12. No BBQ is complete without Sweet Tea

We eat a lot in Texas. That’s where the phrase “go big or go home” comes in. The state is known for Barbeque and Tex-Mex. Tex-Mex is basically a mix of US foods and Mexican foods (hence our favorite "Taco Tuesdays") whereas BBQ is where we cook a lot of meat (yes, we love our meat.) In different parts of Texas, the food is cooked in different ways, but in the end, it brings the family together.

13. H-E-B

We are the only state in the Nation, other than Mexico, to have these popular supermarkets. In their stores, they sell private label foods and everyday items such as flour, milk and peanut butter, to spicy ketchup and Texas shaped tortilla chips. They are known for giving a certain percentage of total income to charity, including education and various food banks, especially during times of need. They have around 350 stores around Texas, which also includes Central Market, Mi Tienda and Joe's V’s Smart Shop. This is the only supermarket you would need to go to.

14. We use the mottos "Everything is bigger in Texas" and "Don't mess with Texas"

We literally mean it. You can see it with our food portions, our landmarks, even the size of our state itself. Other people see it as a gambling phrase. Here, we take that literally. We go big and we go BOLD!

The phrase “Don’t mess with Texas” is now used as an anti-littering campaign, but is also used as a phrase in the literal sense, meaning don’t mess with us. It's like messing with the bull but then getting the horns. We are not afraid to stand our ground.

15. It Brings us right at home when someone uses the word "Y'all" and other Texas Slang

Ever since the cowboys first used this word, "y’all" has become a dominant phrase. When you say “y’all” in other states, they would probably assume you are from Texas. Then again it's a lot better than saying “you all.” We are also known to say other slang such as “howdy,” “fixin’ to” and “bless your heart.” Howdy is the most common greeting used. We also have a unique accent that is different than northern states. The culture of Texas comes naturally to Texans the longer they stay in Texas.

16. What other state had a whole episode dedicated to them on "Spongebob Squarepants?"

Sorry Cali, you are not cool enough yet I guess. But not just that, in other episodes of Spongebob, they make Texas references. Not only that, but we have a character who is from Texas (aka Sandy Cheeks), which says a lot! And for those who are asking, NO! We are not stupid.

17. We care for our own

They say Texan’s are some of the friendliest people you can meet. That is true. The southern states are known for their politeness and their use of manners. We use please, thank you, sir and ma'am. We are known to care and help others in need. Caring and manners go a long way, especially here in Texas. We are more like one big family that looks out for each other.

18. Time to suit up: from hat to boots

Texans are also known for the way they dress, from a cowboy hat to boots, and all the in-betweens. We are occasionally known for wearing long sleeve dress shirts and pants. Mostly you will see us wearing camo when we are hunting or just because. And to top it all off, we wear cowboy hats, put on our boots and show our Texas pride in our everyday lives.

19. When you start Line Dancing to Country Music...

We listen to all kinds of music, some popular in more areas than others. In some areas, Country Music is more common. So common that people like to do some Square Dancing, Line Dancing and Texas two-stepping. However, in other areas, pop music is more popular. The main reason most likely being that those areas are close to major metropolitan areas. But, in the end, the song “Deep In The Heart Of Texas” is our home.

20. You can't do wrong with a countryside bonfire

We love our wide open spaces. Especially at night where the campfire is going and we are hanging out with friends having a good time. That’s what’s it's all about. It creates lifelong memories and friendships that will last a very long time.

As a Texan, you can try to explain these things to a non-Texan, but they just won’t understand. So be thankful you are a Texan. Being in this state, you have a lot to be thankful for, like, we have no state income tax and the famous annual Stock Show and Rodeo. We take pride in everything that belongs to us, from new establishments to recognition on popular national TV shows. We may do things differently than other states, but that’s OK. Texas connects us.

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