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The majority of states across the United States have that one thing that every one members their state by. Pennsylvania is known for the rocky steps in Philadelphia. Which if you are from Pennsylvania, I hope you ran up and down them at least once in your life. Other than that, a lot of the Pennsylvania lingo you wouldn't really understand unless you visited the state or surrounded yourself around people who are from that state.

Just from talking to several different people in college, I have learned so much about different states across the U.S. I always knew that Wisconsin was the Cheese Capital of the world, but I had no idea what cheese curds were until my best friend at college told me about what they were and how popular they were in her hometown.

After being at college over two years now, I can now even say the signs that you are from the state of Kentucky. One really obvious sighting that you are from the state of Kentucky is wearing clothes that say "KY" or "Kentucky Y'all." No other state that I know of has so much pride and love for their state as much as the state of Kentucky does.

But, off the subject of Kentucky, here are the top ten signs that you are from PA.

We refer to Pennsylvania as "PA" 


Pennsylvania as a whole is just way too long to say and sounds better when it is abbreviated!

Sheetz vs Wawa 


For those who don't know, this is a real thing the rivalry between Sheetz and Wawa. Sheetz and Wawa are our two main convenience stores in the state of PA and there is always a debate for which has better food.

"Jawn" is a common word in our vocabulary 


Only Pennsylvania people understand it!

You have had the famous Philly cheesesteak 


The cheesesteaks are the best part of visiting Philadelphia, but only the Pennsylvanians know that the best Philly cheesesteaks come from the local hidden gems.

Amish Country 


Horse and Buggy's everywhere in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

You have been the sweetest place on earth at least once 


You can literally smell the bliss on Chocolate when entering Hershey, PA. Hershey has some of the best entertainment in the state of Pennsylvania.

There's Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and everything in between 


Most people that are not from Pennsylvania only think there that there are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but as you can see on the map above, Pennsylvania has way much more to offer all in between those two cities.

Ground Hog day is a national holiday for us 


If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, he predicts there to be 6 more weeks of winter. If he does not see his shadow, he predicts an early spring!

In the summer you go to the shore 


In Pennsylvania, we go to the shore, not the beach. The best thing about living in Pennsylvania is having all of surrounding Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey beaches right in our backyard.

The first day of deer hunting season is a holiday for us


The start of deer hunting season of a day off of school and a day off of work for the majority of Pennsylvania's.

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