Ohioans. We do some strange things that we don't realize we do until we move states or our non-Ohio friends point it out. We are proud of these odd things and do them with pride. We're known for many firsts, many weird buildings, the "Hell is Real" sign and of course the Three Big C's: Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. You are sure to find potholes, bipolar weather, and cornfields no matter what time of year you visit. Aside from being known for presidents, astronauts, firsts, etc., we are also known for our weird lingo, sports teams, and strange habits.

1. Potholes

Driving on the freeway is like playing Mario Kart.

2. Construction

It's sad when there's more orange cones than people in one state.

3. Four seasons in one day

We've literally been under a level 2 snow emergency with flash flood warnings, don't test us.

4. Outlet malls

You get excited when an outlet mall opens near your hometown.

5. Buckeyes fans

They're EVERYWHERE! You root for the Bucks even if you didn't go to OSU.

6. Lebron James

You either want to cheer or vomit when you hear his name.

7. North or South

By the lake (north) or by the river (south).

8. Extreme cold/heat

School has been canceled for extreme cold or extreme heat.

9. You measure distance in minutes

I learned that Kentuckians think I'm weird for doing this along with all other non-Ohioans.

10.  Deer season

We think it is and treat it like a national holiday.

11.  Corn hole

It is without a doubt at every outdoor occasion.

12.  State or county fairs

You've been to a state or county fair at least once in your life.

13.  O-H

I-O! If you know, you know.

14.  Living near a university or college

Everyone lives 30 minutes from one.

15.  You think every pro-football team wears orange

Bengals or Browns baby!

16.  Corn fields

You can see one, are in walking distance or have one in your backyard.

17.  Ohio references

You get really excited when a movie or TV show references Ohio.