Connecticut is a small state that some are fortunate enough to grow up in. Lucky you! From being made fun of for the way you say things, or even getting confused looks when you say a certain word, people from Connecticut are definitely one of a kind. Here is a list that everyone from Connecticut can relate to.

1. You know what a package store (or packie run) is.

No, I'm not going to the post office, and no, we can't just call it a liquor store.

2. You've been to a country concert at Xfinity.

Also known as the Meadows, if you're from Connecticut, you've definitely seen a country concert here over the summer. Whether you made it from tailgating or not, you were still there.

3. You went on a field trip to Mystic

Some of you only got to see Mystic Seaport, but if you were lucky, your class got to see Mystic Aquarium. The beluga whales were the best part, and if you were brave, you put your hand in the sting ray tank.

4. Your sports teams are split down the middle.

Yankees or Red Sox?

5. You've been to Lake Compounce

You've been on Boulder Dash and Wild Cat, and you've definitely been there a few times every summer. Lake Compounce was home to many summer adventures over the years.

6. You cringe when you hear CAPT or CMT

The CMTs were a nightmare in elementary school, and CAPT was not much better when you reached high school.

7. You know at least one person that goes to UCONN

Or 10, or 20, or half of your graduating class. You might even go there yourself. The Huskies (especially basketball) are treated like royalty, and you definitely have at least one piece of apparel, even if you have no interest in sports.

8. You own a pair of Sperry's

You don't have to own a boat to rock boating shoes. Most likely, you own more than one pair, and you probably know someone who has a boat that you can wear them on.

9. You call sandwiches grinders

There's no such thing as a "hero" or a "sub," we call our sandwiches grinders.

10. You love where you're from

There's no place like home, and you're proud to be a Nutmegger.