The 'big booty' is all the rage right now, thanks to Kim Kardashian. People are getting butt implants just to have that 'perfect butt.' But what a lot of people don't realize is having a big butt kind of sucks. Here some things you will understand if you have a big butt.

1. Your butt runs into everything.

It especially loves to find table and counter corners. Good thing butts tend to bounce back.

2. You have mastered knocking things down.

3. Finding jeans that fit is a nightmare.

This is especially true if your rear end is much larger than your waistline. You finally find a pair of jeans that can squeeze over your behind, but now they're too big in the waist. Thank God for belts.

4. You wear out jeans fast.

You can't really buy expensive jeans because you'll just wear holes in them in a couple of months.

5. You can't sit in small seats.

Or between anyone else for that matter, unless they are both small-butted.

6. You can rock lingerie.

Guys like big booties now, so why not just let your butt do it's thing.

7. Twerking comes almost naturally.

Sorry, Miley, but most of us got you beat.

8. Sometimes you don't realize you're sitting on something.

This can be embarrassing, but it's a sad fact.

9. You push people out of the way easier.

This is especially useful in a busy mall or when you're trying to find your spot at a concert.

10. Booty shorts are your go to.

Just be careful because sometimes they're too short. Then your back end forces them to look like underwear.

11. Shopping for leggings can be rough, too.

Why are so many of them see-through?!

12. You're set on cushions.

I mean, this is probably the best thing about having a big butt. You are constantly carrying around a permanently attached cushion.

13. Short dresses are always a problem.

I mean, they can, as long as you remember to not bend down while you're wearing it.

14. Your booty is always getting comments.

"Damn girl, look at chu!" And most of these actually come from your bffs, not guys.