It is rare nowadays to find a person who is not linked to at least one social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc. Though many profess have a love-hate relationship with social media, people of all ages still enjoy the interaction with their "friends" or followers and the immediate gratification of every like, love, comment, and retweet. But amidst the fun, here are ten humorous side effects of social media possibly experienced throughout your days.

1) Name memory loss

Most people aren't good with names as it is. And now with the complication of social media usernames, it makes remembering names that much harder. You may find yourself remembering someone by their @ name and not their real name.

2) Source misattribution

Scrolling down your timeline allows you to view such an influx of information in one sitting, that your mind may have trouble associating the correct people with their posts. Or you may not remember which of your social media sites you had seen that funny meme on that you wanted to share.

3) Dating made simple

The early stages of dating can be made simple if you know how to use social media to your advantage. Instead of risking a horrible or awkward first date, you can simply stalk a person's page to determine if they are a good candidate for you. You can get an overview of what they are like and see whether or not you have things in common.

4) Dating made complicated

Social media can make dating complicated, especially if the person gets too much social media attention, even more so if that bothers you. If your significant other has one too many Insta-fans for your liking, it can be hard to trust that they do not still have their options open to others.

5) Spoiled by retweets/shares

People have always desired to have things their way all the time. Except now, we are being spoiled by retweets and shares promising things we want. Posts of children asking for 1k shares to get a new video game from their parents and of people seeking 30k retweets to get a free meal from their favorite restaurant are now the norm.

6) Catfish

Filters are the one of the worst aspects of social media because they can cover up the real, raw individual hiding behind the flawless face, flower headband, and those deceiving grey eyes. Perhaps you have catfished or have been catfished by someone else. In any case, beware of filters!

7) Embracing the camera

If there are any camera shy people left in the world, it is probably only a small percentage. Social media has coaxed most people into a love for the camera. However, sometimes the camera robs of living in the moment, as we are too busy snapping.

8) Living proactively

Social media may cause you to take proactive measures that alter your actions. For example actions based on your posts, you may chose not to wear something out that Instagram has already seen.

9) Staying in the know

Catching up with old friends is super simple now, especially if you follow them on social media. Since you know what they are up to, it is easy to feel like you are still in the know about their lives. Being in the know can also cause awkward moments. Due to your super lurking skills, you may sometimes know things you aren't supposed to know about a person, so you just stand there and act surprised as they tell you.

10) Urban slang

Not only do we use urban slang abbreviations in our posts, but we sometimes use them in our speech as well. "Af" and "lol" are some common terms you may hear among young adults.