Side by Side

Side by Side you walk with me down the pathway. A step at a time to guide us through the obstacles thrown , to help me to see the lessons through the rain. In the time of day until the latest of nights you are there all day and night side by side. You answer prayers and listen to your children and want them to know that you truly care. From the night sky until the morning sunrise, my heart will know the truth with you, and learning to see the guidance that only you provide. Side by side we often don't take the time to just simply thank you for being the father who loves his children and though we get so distracted and we need to spend more time with you that you truly deserve for always being there side by side. In the heart take a look inside of me, and I need to focus only on you and know that you will provide the light. Side by side, and step by step you are walking next to me; and I love you Father God; and I know that together we will go down the paths side by side. Deep down and from deep within the heart I want to simply say thank you for being there and always being the listening ear. Sometimes we need to just simply spend more time with you and really listen to your voice through the winds and through your word. Side by side you are there and I just want to say thank you for being the caring Father, who will provide and wants his children to come to Him with all of their hearts. Side by Side in the morning sunrise until the star-lit sky, all day and night, thank you for being there side by side along the pathways next to me. Side by side: Amen.

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