6 Easy College Sick Day Pick-Me-Ups

Alright, it's that time again. Some of us have either been in school for a few weeks or two months now, but at this point, I think we can all agree we're all sick.


Something else we can agree on is the fact that being sick is flat out awful. We are tired, we sore, and just don't feel any part ourselves.

I will say, it gives us the right to laze around all day and just do nothing which is probably the only perk.

I will also say, being sick in college or away from home is ten times worse than it ever was getting sick in high school. Suddenly, I have no idea how to care for myself.

I'm someone who hates being sick solely for the purpose of feeling so lethargic and having no motivation. I thought I'd compile a list of things to do when you're sick to make you feel less like a bum or at least things that can be justified when being sick anyways.

1. Call your mom!

Anytime is as good as any to call your mom, but being sick calls for the perfect time to call your mom. What kind of medicine should I take? Should I drink orange or apple juice? What kind of soup should I eat? How much medicine do I take? Now's a good a time as any.

2. Read a book.

Everyone and their mother always complains about not having enough time to read. What better time to read a book when you're basically forced to be on bed rest with nothing else to do?

3. Organize your life!

Obviously, this is all of what you make of it, but being sick and doing things minimally calls for organizing some area of your life. Doing this while sick allows you to go slowly without really having to do anything on a schedule. Pull out the planner, clean out your desk, anything really!

4. Have a movie marathon.

Now, I know this isn't exactly productive, but are you really supposed to be productive when you're sick? Yeah, I know I'm completely counteracting my exact words earlier but being sick is the perfect time to watch a movie or have a movie marathon because again, forced bed rest calls for that.

5. Sleep the day away.

I am a huge advocate for day naps and personal days, and being sick definitely calls for midday naps. Sleeping is always good to help reboot your immune system and get your body to rest which is probably why you got sick in the first place!

6. Workout!

You're thinking really? Workout? But it's true! When you're sick, working out can be really good for sweating out all the toxins and gross germs. Obviously, if you can barely sit up or open your eyes, the gym probably isn't your best bet. But going after a day or two when you're starting to feel somewhat human again will help to really kick the sickness out.

Alright, so I'm a bit guilty to say there really isn't anything to write home about when being sick. It sucks! These are all point obvious things to do when you're sick but sometimes we just need a reminder that we're human too.

With it being fall and the weather getting colder, it seems like everybody is sick all the time, it's just bound to happen.

Cozy up with a heated blanket, get yourself a big cup of juice (liquids, liquids, liquids!), find your favorite movie, and give your mom a call and just explain how you're probably dying, need to know how much medicine is enough, and how much soup you should make.

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