Most people focus on themselves (well, a lot of the time). So, why wouldn't you? You're living your life and you're not worried about other people's drama, right? Sometimes in life, you meet those people who are SO focused on themselves and they never think about anyone else's feelings. If you're thinking of someone right now, hopefully, you'll get a laugh out of one of these.

1. Taking the last five chocolate chip cookies in the dining hall

Homie, you know that chocolate chip cookie day is everyone's favorite day of the week, right? Share the love and at least leave me one.

2. Saying "it's not you, it's me"

What they really mean is: "It's you and always you because I never do anything wrong."

3. Stringing you along

They'll tell you how much they really really like you, but they'll drop you the second they find someone better.

4. Lying about stupid little things

Do you take the last chocolate chip cookie?

"No, Gracie did."

5. Not helping when someone is really struggling

They won't help you with simple things the dishes and the defiantly won't help you when you're in a time crunch trying to accomplish something important.

6. Being shady

This goes along with number three, but it's just as important. They'll make plans and cancel at the last minute because they're waiting for the opportunity that benefits them the most.

Whether you're in a toxic relationship or friends with someone who's shady and selfish, don't forget to spot the red flags. It's all about the red flags. Nothing's worse than a shady friend that steals the last chocolate chip cookie.