Shows You Need to Watch
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Shows You Need to Watch

My recommendations for your next Netflix binge.

Shows You Need to Watch

As spring break quickly approaches, people will be wandering back into their Netflix accounts to give some much-needed love that has been lacking the last few months. If you’re like me and just not ready to hit the beaches yet, check out these shows for any taste or mood, whether you want drama, romance, or comedy. While this list may be biased, because I want more people to bond with over all my favorite shows, these are all great and are guaranteed to keep you binge-ing all week.

"The 100"

If you liked “Lost,” “The Hunger Games,” or anything else with a dystopian and futuristic storyline with bad-ass females, then you need to watch this show. Not only does “The 100” have intense plot twists that will keep you hooked and not hesitate to push the “play next episode button,” it also features loving relationships and relatable characters. The moral and philosophical dilemmas the characters face in this show are complex and incredibly difficult, adding to the drama and relatable quality of the show. Bonus points for the amazingly diverse cast, sensitive and progressive portrayal of LGBT relationships, and females who literally run the world.

"The Mindy Project"

To be fair, this show is only available on Hulu, but is so good that it’s worth venturing out of your comfort zone/ preferred instant streaming site. Mindy Kaling writes and stars in this brilliant show following a confident OB/GYN tackling the struggles of the tumultuous dating world, office romance, and being a confident and fabulous woman in New York City. Kaling’s portrayal of a strong and powerful woman leads to funny and relatable quotes that have led me to deem that Mindy Kaling is, in fact, my spirit animal.


While the main characters are extremely unlikeable and sometimes their actions will make you want to scream, this cute Netflix original is a new favorite of mine. The two main characters try to find themselves after ending toxic relationships, while trying to find each other. This show perfectly captures the struggles of modern dating between two character who, while unlikeable, come of as real and genuine. Plus, there are only ten episodes up, so it’s low commitment and can be watched before the next season is aired.

“Arrested Development”

This show has the same humor as “The Office” and “Parks & Rec,” in the sense that it is ridiculous behavior that will make you laugh so hard you cry. This show, dating back to the early 2000s, got picked up for a fourth season produced by Netflix, which, while paling in comparison to the original, just goes to show how much fans love it. Remember, there’s always money in the banana stand.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

Another Netflix original that will make you laugh so hard you cry, “Kimmy Schmidt” features a catchy theme song, funny characters, and a plot that will make you thankful you were not kept underground for fifteen years as part of a doomsday cult. The hilarious one-liners and quirky characters will force you to finish this show in one day.

“Freaks and Geeks”

This show tops the list of ones that were unfairly cancelled after one season. This show features young James Franco, Jason Segel, and Seth Rogan which is reason enough to watch it, but if you’re not sold, the funny and relatable plotlines with the nostalgic 90's vibe will make you want more than the one season this show was given.

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