18 Shows On VICE That Will Change Your Perspective

Maybe you clicked on this article because you adore VICE already, and you just want to compare this list to your own opinions. Maybe you first heard of VICE in August, during the Charlottesville white supremacist riots.

They are that "little" network--they are actually a $2.5 billion company, that was the only team to be reporting on the white supremacist "demonstrations" planned for that weekend. VICE was the team on the scene that shot the footage that was seen across television sets and computers, playing on other news networks for weeks after the riots and murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. If you have not seen this footage yet, you need to. It is incredibly important for everyone to be aware and knowledgeable about the rise of the Alt-Right--better known as Nazis, both in our own country and globally.

VICELAND has bloomed into its own channel, out of the original program "Vice News Tonight" which premieres on HBO weekly. This is your guide to VICE.


Gloria Steinem and her team travel the world to report on gender violence.

2. Vice Guide to Film

Each episode takes an in-depth look at a specific director's repertoire.

3. Weediquette

A look into the world's growing marijuana paradigm, including but not limited to its various health and mental health benefits.

4. Rise

Vice goes to indigenous tribes fighting against the colonization of their homeland across the Americas.

5. Hate Thy Neighbor

Comedian Jamali Maddix travels to notorious controversial groups around the world to try to get a better understanding of hate, particularly in regards to the current rise of the far right.

6. Last Chance High

This show is important, folks. "Last Chance High" gives the viewer a look into the corrupt Chicago Public School System. Specifically, the schools that are exclusively for Chicago's "most at-risk youth"--and what that really means.

7. The Business of Life

This show breaks down the financial empires behind today's social and cultural issues.

8. Gaycation

Ellen Page and her best friend Ian Daniel travel the world on a personal journey to explore LGBTQ+ cultures.

8. Huang's World

Eddie Huang, "the world's only human panda" goes on a comical but personal exploration of race, identity, multiculturalism, and even his irritable bowel syndrome around the world.

9. Jungletown

An American entrepreneur and his team of hundreds of millennial interns attempt to build "the world's most sustainable modern town" in the middle of the Panamanian jungle.

10. Payday

Payday follows 20-somethings during a single pay-period to show how they are struggling, spending and where they are thriving. I think we can all relate...

11. Bong Appetit

Journalist Abdullah Saeed throws elaborate dinner parties with notable chefs and each party is a different multicourse cannabis-infused meal. Where's our invite?

12. Hamilton's Pharmacopeia

A journey through the chemistry and both the historical and societal impacts of our world's most extraordinary drugs.

13. King of the Road

Three pro skate teams compete on the road trip of their life for the title 'Kings of the Road.' This one is "The Amazing Race" meets "Jackass", meets professional skateboarding.

14. The Last Shot

The Last Shot follows professional basketball players who were just shy of making it to the NBA. Follow these athletes as they take their last chance on their dreams to compete in underground cash-prize basketball tournaments in Mexico.

15. F*ck, That's Delicious

Watch rapper Action Bronson and his crew as they smoke and eat their way through their travels and general life.

16. States of Undress

Follow journalist Hailey Gates as she travels to explore the global fashion industry, as well as the issues often ignored by the industry.

17. The Therapist

Musicians from the world of rap, rock, pop, dancehall, and EDM sit down with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh to uncover what lies beneath their respective public personas.

18. Noisey

An exploration of the artists and cultures behind the world's most compelling music scenes.

Check out full episodes here!

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