6 Shows To Watch Before You Start 'The Office' Again

Netflix and Hulu are great ways to wind down after a busy day, however, it can be stressful to try and find a show that you haven't watched seemingly 6 million times. Here are 6 shows to watch before you start The Office again.

1. The Masked Singer on Hulu

Hosted by Nick Cannon, this show has famous singers, actors, and maybe even athletes go undercover and the judges use clues to figure out who is under the mask!

2. Drake and Josh on Hulu

This classic from our childhood is now on Hulu! We can relive the glory days sitting in front of a screen and laugh at all of the shenanigans from Drake and Josh!

3. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix

This show took Netflix by storm. Marie Kondo, a professional tidier, goes around to different houses to help families clean up their messes!

4. Nailed It! on Netflix

Pinterest fails galore! This show perfectly sums up how badly people can fail at DIYs.

5. Worst Cooks in America on Hulu

Ever wonder why there aren't any good cooking shows to watch that don't make you hungry? Worst Cooks in America, is the show for you! See these terrible chefs become masters week by week!

6. Movies

Maybe you aren't in the mood to sit down and binge watch all of the seasons in one night, so that's where movies come in!

Hulu: Space Jam, Wayne's World, Cabin Fever (horror), Wedding Crashers

Netflix: First Match, The Strangers (horror), Black Panther, Hairspray, Benchwarmers

Next time you're in a rut, just watch one of these fantastic shows and start a new obsession!

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