Shower Thoughts: Phones Are More Than Just Phones

Shower Thoughts: Phones Are More Than Just Phones

To older people, millennials are too attached to their phones, but really we are just doing homework, socializing, and everything they do, just on a phone.

Rex's Opinion

Showers are great. Not only do you have the chance to make yourself smell like coconuts and tropical breeze, but it is also a time for you to decompress and spend time to think about life and other things. This week, I thought about what modern cell phones are and what they may become in the future.

In today's world, cell phones are the way of life. These devices are a prime source of information, directions, and meeting new people. Smart phones have changed how we live completely and are even heavily used in the classroom and workplace. Read on to see what the modern phone is capable of doing...

1. Phones are communicators

This first one is obvious. Its the main feature of the phone since the telegram. Communication has evolve greatly from standard phone number calling. Now, you can not only call from the stock dial app, but also commonly used apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Skype. Communication has also changed in that now you can send messages and even pictures.

2. Cell phones are web browsers

Started being used commonly in 2007 with the release of the first iPhone, you could then browse and look up stuff on the go with ease. No more going home and booting up your computer to look up where the closest movie theater is.

3. Phones are flashlights

My grandpa is the only person in my family that still buys tradition flashlights from the store. It's surprising to me that the flashlights on a lot of phones are actually bright and reliable! Thank god mine is too. I use the flashlight feature almost everyday!

4. Phones are alarm clocks

Let's all admit that old alarm clocks were absolutely horrendous to configure to ring at the right time, especially when Day-Light Savings comes around. Setting an alarm for my phone made my mornings and life much less of a hassle.

5. It's a free GPS

The prices for up to date and reliable GPS-es are ridiculous. When my family went on a trip every summer, he would have to spend $70 for a new one because he either lost hi last one or it broke. We have saved hundreds of dollars thanks to Google.

6. Smart Phones is a gaming platform

Mobile gaming has increased in popularity in the past decade. Even Nintendo is jumping ship to mobile gaming. Super Mario Run, the first official Mario game, is being released on iOS next month and Pokemon GO was a huge phenomenon earlier this year.

7. Watching TV is simpler with cell phones

I use my LG G3 as a universal remote. Not only on my TV, but also n my teacher's projector and several other televisions. Phones themselves are technically tvs also! With Youtube and Netflix, you can watch almost any show or movie on the go.

8. Phones are also books

It's a convenience thing. Instead of having books laying around the house, you can just have them all on your cell phone. With Google connected with everything, when you are finished with the book you can delete it and re-download it later to save space.

To older people, millennials are too attached to their phones, but really we are just doing homework, socializing, and everything they do, just on a phone. In this world, they are everything. The possibilities of what we can do on these wonderful devices are endless. I love my phone and I would honestly be lost without it. (thanks Google Maps)


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