Waking up and throwing on an outfit can be as easy or difficult as you choose for it to be. Often times I find it a hassle to put together a cute outfit to wear to school. Yet, going the extra mile can make the world of a difference. Too often I get asked the question, "Why do you look so nice?" or "What made you want to put on a dress in the morning?" Putting effort into yourself results in more than just quenching vanity. It goes so much further.

1. Dress For Success

Wearing jeans or a skirt forces you to be more uncomfortable than a pair of sweatpants allows you to be. It creates a more alert and focused student. Instead of being in a sweatpants and t-shirt, the change of outfit may improve your attention span. Feeling like you are in your pajamas also dresses down the situation. Try to dress it up- think outside the box. Dress for success.

2. Work Toward Professionalism

The goal of a student is most commonly to enter the "adult" world. Eventually, you will need to look the part. Shock your teachers and show up looking like the career person you wish to be. Do not allow laziness to keep you from dressing as mature students. Do not fall into the pattern of everyday sweats, at some point, you will have to pull out the "adult" clothes. Why not get a head start? After all, you are working toward professionalism.

3. Take Pride In Your Appearance

There is nothing wrong with looking nice. Never feel like you need a reason to put on a cute outfit. No matter what the situation, I would much rather be overdressed than under. Putting effort into yourself can stretch a long way. First impressions are important, you never know who you will encounter. Looking prepared for any situation may land you a spot in the professional world. Whether it is wearing your favorite sweater or putting on some makeup- take pride in your appearance.

4. Look Good, Feel Good

Once you have conquered the fear of looking "too nice" you may inspire others to give it a try. Feeling good can boost your confidence. Just because the person next to you is wearing pajamas does not mean you are limited to that. Another's wardrobe does not have to reflect your own. Dress for yourself- look good, feel good.

Showing up to class looking prepared is not something to question. Dressing for success helps you work toward success and professionalism. Taking pride in your appearance separates you from the rest. Making a lasting first impression can begin with looking good and feeling good. The next time someone asks why you are dressed up, maybe ask them why they are not.