8 Reasons You Should Join A Service Sorority
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8 Reasons You Should Join A Service Sorority

Service sororities focus on doing volunteer work for people in need.

8 Reasons You Should Join A Service Sorority

A service sorority is a greek organization that focuses on service and leadership. It is different from a social sorority in that these service sororities are not recognized by the Panhellenic Council (the Greek sorority council) and focus more heavily on doing service for others. Most universities offer a couple different service sororities/fraternities, and you should consider joining one.

In the fall of 2017, I joined Omega Phi Alpha at Eastern Michigan University. This sorority has taught me a great deal about my university, my sisters, my community, and myself. I couldn't be more grateful to be a member of such an amazing organization. Since I love my service sorority so much, I wanted to share with you a list of reasons why you should join a service sorority.

1. Service sororities are cheaper than social sororities.

Social sororities cost around $400-$800 a semester whereas service sororities only cost around $100-$250 a semester. Over the course of your education, you will be saving a great deal of money by joining one of these organizations.

2. Service sororities allow you to fundraise to pay your dues.

Some social sororities allow you to participate in fundraisers, like Dine and Donates, to lower the cost of your semester dues. Some sisters do not pay anything out of pocket because they use fundraising earnings to pay for their dues.

3. All genders are welcome in service sororities.

The Panhellenic Council, which all social sororities are apart of, do not allow male identifying people to join. In most service sororities, people are all genders are welcome! Omega Phi Alpha recently accepted their first male member and it was a wonderful step to help us become more inclusive.

4. You still get to do socials with your sisters.

Although service sororities focus heavily on participating on service, you do get to hang out with your sisters. Service sororities usually have a social chair who plans fun events for the sisters to go to. These events include going bowling, watching movies, and having photo shoots. Semi-formals and formals... yes, we still have those too!

5. You get cute apparel!

We still can purchase apparel through various websites and it is all super cute! Most sororities have an insignia chair who designs cups, hair bows, notebooks, and clothes for the entire organization! Check out Something Greek for some adorable sorority apparel!

6. You can be involved as an alumnus!

Alumni involvement is huge in service sororities. There are alumni chapters of Omega Phi Alpha all throughout the United States. Also, the National Omega Phi Alpha always wants alumni to participate in voting and conferences.

7. You get to help those in need.

Service sororities focus on doing volunteer work for people in need. In Omega Phi Alpha, there are multiple areas of service including nations of the world, mental health, and university community. You have to acquire so many service hours per semester to remain active in the sorority.

8. There is an amazing sisterhood.

Just like with social sororities, service sororities have an amazing sisterhood. I have made so many great friends over the course of the past year! If it wasn't for my sorority, I would not have these friends.

Service sororities offer all of the same opportunities a social sorority does: formals, apparel, bigs and littles, and an amazing sisterhood! If you are wanting to join a greek organization but do not have the money to afford one, check out a service sorority! If you want to do something good for your university, sisters, and your city, join a service sorority!

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