The venues are typically small. The music is raw. The passion is unreal.

When you go to any concert you are transported to another realm. The beat just pounds through you, vibrating you to another plane of existence. That feeling is amplified when you're listening to some good underground music live.

Why is it so easy for us to glorify and praise a far off celebrity but we turn a blind eye to the struggling artists in our communities?

Yeah, I'm not going to lie. Not all undiscovered artists are gold. Some are trash, but from the many underground concerts I've been to I've yet to find one with a straight ass line up. More often then not they've got some pretty good talent. Most likely, if you're vibing with the genre you'll find some good new music.

Now you may wonder why you should care about your local music artist.

First off, the music is sick.

Honestly, I can't say this enough. You will find some lit new musicians to fall in love with. who doesn't want to expand their playlist? The more good music the merrier.

The passion and heart you'll find in emerging artists are typically unmatched because they are clawing their way through their music. Producing music isn't easy by any stretch of the means. It takes heart, soul, and patience. Chances are your local artists puts everything they have into their music and more. They're probably showing you a piece of their soul and what's better than that? What makes music good is the soul that goes into it. Your music scene is overflowing with it.

Another reason to support your local music scene is supporting your community. You supporting your neighbors and your friends. You can build real human connections through a common love for music. You can venture out in your local world and explore it deeply through music.

When you buy band merch or CDs from a local band you're directly supporting your local community. You're giving your money to someone who's fully worked hard for it.

Still need another reason to support your local music scene?

The venues are rad. Not only are they rad but their affordable. Concert tickets for my area cost average around $10, sometimes cheaper. One ticket even included a slice of pizza- how sick is that! Every concert experience is worthwhile. Nowadays mainstream concerts of all genres can be expensive as heck. Yet local musicians tend to be affordable.

So the local music scene is not only affordable but you're supporting your community, and you get to discover new underground music.

There is no catch or negative in supporting your local music scene. It's a lit experience each and every time it's full of adventure and discovery.

For people in the Chambersburg and Shippensburg area, there's a local concert going on near you very soon. It's on April 28th on a Sunday. It's located at the Thought Lot 37 E Garfield St, Shippensburg, PA, 17257. Doors open at 5 pm and the show starts at 6. Local bands that will play are Start The Machine, Rutabaga, Two Hour Drive, and Nothing Planned.

Here's a tip guys, Start the Machine is much better to live then what their Spotify has. Trust me on that. They've changed singers a couple of times.

The Thought Lot is just one local venue. The Champ was another one ( the one pictured in the header) but unfortunately, it was closed down. Keep a look out for open mics at bars too, those can be hit and miss but sometimes they hold promise.

Keep your eyes open for your local music scene, they're hiding right under your nose. You never know when you'll find gold. You should care about your local music scene because you'll never know when you'll strike gold.