Microsoft has been on the rebound and they are desperately trying to bounce back. The PS4 has killed the Xbox One in sales. Close to 40 million estimated PlayStation four systems have been sold since it's 2013 launch. Whereas, the Xbox One has sold approximately about 20 million units. It is not difficult to see why the PS4 has sold more consoles than the Xbox One. When the PlayStation four came out it was a more powerful system and a faster one. The other benefit that it would boost better graphics was another bonus. Games on the PS4 run at 1080p, however, to the Xbox One at only 720p and 900p. It is also a lighter system which is another bonus. It is a more travel-friendly system and especially since it does not have an enormous power brick to carry around. One of the downsides of the PlayStation four was that it would not have backwards compatibility like the Xbox One. Realistically, when the PlayStation four debuted it dominated the Xbox One in the amount of games and better exclusives. Another claim why the system is better is because of the PlayStation four controller. The controller is much more sleek and comfortable than the Xbox One. Right now you can buy a Xbox One for about $280. While a PlayStation four is still highly expensive and for good reason being $350 to $400. On the other hand, the Xbox One does have backwards compatibility. That is the one claim that makes the Xbox One better. Granted, Microsoft has some cards in their sleeves to get back into the race.

Due to this, Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox One S. The Xbox One S will release on August 31st of this summer. There are some huge differences with this new console. Things might change soon when the Xbox one S releases and the battle rages on which is the better company, Microsoft or Sony.

The Xbox One S seems to be very promising and different than anything that they have ever attempted before. There are some key differences in comparison to the Xbox One and the Xbox One S. First off is that it is going to be slimmer and more travel-friendly. The console is going to be 40 percent slimmer and it sports a sleek robot white color and design. Overall, the console looks great. The design is supposed to have a type of texture so the system does not get scratches on it which can be annoying when it happens. Microsoft has listened to its customers and loyal fans and has gotten rid of the huge power brick that came with a Xbox. This large power brick was a hassle. The power supply will be inside the system instead and there will be a button to turn the system in the front of the console. Another new Ability is the Xbox One S being able to play 4K Blu-ray discs. This is excellent for people who love Blu-ray discs. Microsoft will be making the Xbox One S 2TB of storage. This has never been attempted either by Microsoft or Sony till now. This is a huge amount of space to download plenty of games and applications. One of the problems with the Xbox One and the PS4 was the availability of space. The storage of both systems can run out quick and you will have to delete games or applications to make space to launch other games. Not taken into account was the huge space of certain games like NBA 2K and others taking up close to 50GB. Now Xbox has fixed that main issue with its immense increase in storage. The console will also come with a vertical stand. Moreover, the Xbox One S will also be able to play Xbox 360 games. Microsoft promises that Xbox 360 games will be free on the Xbox One S for no additional cost. Hundreds of games will be added to the store in the months following.

The Xbox One S will also be able to play games better and have a slightly better resolution than the Xbox One. Additionally, the new console will have an updated and newer controller. Several main differences of the controller will be that it will have better grip and have Bluetooth. This updated controller is going to have a further wireless range and you can plug in a headset. The Xbox store will also be updated and have the best most advanced multiplayer. Coupled with the price for another Xbox One S 500GB will be releasing at a later time and it will only be a reasonable $299.

The bottom line is that the Xbox One S is a good buy for customers who did not purchase a Xbox One. For customers who own a plethora of Xbox 360 games, the Xbox One S would be a good system for to buy. This is a good way to plunge into a new generation console and one that is more powerful and advanced. For people who have a Xbox One already, it could not be worth it to buy this new console because of the awaited Xbox Project Scorpio that will be coming out in late 2017. Project Scorpio is supposed to be the most powerful console ever made. If you have money to burn so be it. PlayStation four is rumored to be making a new console called the PlayStation Neo, although no details have been said and the console has not even been observed yet. Taking into account, PlayStation owners who are not saving up money for the Neo, this is as well a good purchase. It is a good way to experience something different and give the Xbox a chance. If you already own a PlayStation four, there is no necessity to buy a Xbox One S. Consumers can just wait for the new system to come out. PlayStation four has been a great console and has been beating and dominating the Xbox One, but the situation could soon change with the Xbox One S and its many benefits. The matter of the fact is that it looks like the Xbox One S will shine and have great success. The tides can soon change as the console battle continues on.