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10 Trendy Online Boutiques You’ve Never Heard Of, But Are About To Spend Bank At

What's worse, that you haven't heard of these boutiques, or that you don't own any of these super trendy clothes?

women with shopping bags

Online shopping can be very intimidating if you don't know where to shop, but even if you do, you get tired of having the same store names in your search bar. You may not have heard of these online shops, but after seeing what they have to offer you're sure to want to spruce up your closet.

1. The Reef Boutique

The Reef has some super on-trend summer faves. You can expect to find some interesting pieces to add to your collection that give off a sort of beachy-casual vibe.


2. The Mint Julep Boutique

This online boutique has a wide variety of items at a fairly low cost. They tend to have some really great sale items, and they do monogramming on certain items. It's a great shop for a southern gal at heart.

ShopTheMint Red Dress

3. Lotus Boutique

Lotus has some of my favorite accessories and jewelry along with a great selection of clothing items at a great cost. They have a little something for everyone, carrying lots of different styles of clothing along with popular trends.

Lotus White Top w/ Striped Pants

4. Luca + Grae

Their mixture of a bohemian and modern style makes this the perfect place to shop for summer fashion. Luca and Grae also has some super cute bathing suits that will be a great addition to your summer vacay.

LUCA + GRAE jumpsuit

5. Sophie & Trey

This shop not only has amazing sales, but sells some great staple pieces for your wardrobe that won't break the bank. If you're in need of a new LBD this is where to head.

Polka dot two-piece set

6. These Three Boutique

This boutiques passion for fashion is what makes the site so fun to shop. With some of the most sought-after looks of the season they stay on trend while also mixing it up a little.

Havana Ruffle Top

7. Vestique

I love all of vestique's clothes but they definitely have some of the best rompers, jumpsuits, and dresses around. Whether you're going to a Sunday brunch or leaving town for a vacay these 'fits are sure to make your friends jealous.

La Vida Loca Dress

8. ShopHearts

ShopHearts is sure to spruce up your summer wardrobe with the trendiest bathing suits and shoes around. Their interesting swim styles are to die for, and so are the rest of their clothes.

The fawn set in red by reverse

9. Entourage

From cute playsuits to handbags and shoes Entourage has it all. Not to mention all their envious clothing is decently priced so that you can be the fashion icon of all your friends.

Mad City Set

10. Bliss Boutique

These super chic clothes are colorful and fun, making them perfect for the summer. With some amazing two-piece sets Bliss Boutique has pages of vacation-ready outfits.

Arizona Sunrise 2-piece set

Definitely check out these stores for when you need a new going out outfit or even just a cute summer romper!

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