The Harvey Weinstein allegations have not only brought attention to a ruthless man who used his position of power to abuse and harass women but have also gathered long overdue support for the women, the survivors — support for every woman, every man, every person who has been sexually harassed and assaulted to come forward and speak.

A culture is being created where people are less prone to victim blame, and allegations are actually are being heard. Movements like #MeToo have shown that sexual misconduct is not just an issue in Hollywood, but an issue everywhere. From Hollywood to the newsroom, a discovery or better yet, a light is being shed on the sexual misconduct and assault from politicians.

I am glad that the issue is not just being pigeoned holed to one area because it is an issue happening everywhere, even where you least expect. The problem that I have is the way the media is covering these issues in the political atmosphere. The allegations arising from the Republican and Democrat politicians are being made into a political issue. It is being construed based off of who is "better": the Democrats or Republicans or whatever party you are aligned with. This is a problem because sexual assault is not a party issue.

Sexual assault and harassment are always wrong. No matter what party you're affiliated with, you should be able to agree with this.

I would be naive in saying that no political factors are contributing to these issues and how they are addressed. I am not denying that. I am just addressing that when it comes to an issue like this, the focus should not shift to which political party is better or gains the most. The focus should always be how to prevent and stop this from happening again.

We all need to better. We are informed and aware, but we still need to do more. Sexual assault and misconduct are wrong. We need to make that clear on every front and support the survivors. I am not just a woman saying this. I am a human being saying this and demanding that we do not lose sight of the real issue.