Stop Pretending You Care About Sexual Assault To Win Liberal Brownie Points

Where was Hilary Clinton when Monica Lewinsky was being dragged through the mud? Intimidating and taunting her. Where was the support for Anita Hill?

Most people judged sexual assault and victims until their favorite stars spoke out about it, or they supported victims out of spite for Donald Trump. While abuse victims still get shamed and hidden away. This huge "Me Too" movement started when people realized their favorite celebrities were being sexually assaulted. Next thing you know, everyone suddenly cares about the people they shamed for decades. Being sexually assaulted and/or abused was something you never spoke about. Now, not so much. I am grateful that I and many others can speak out about our experiences and receive less backlash and faceless judgment.

During the 2018 State of the Union address, Democrats wore all black in solidarity with those apart of the "Me Too" and times up movement. However, they also did it in protest of the president. Which politicizes an issue that has no business being politicized.

Sexual assault and abuse don't discriminate, that includes political parties.

However, I see that people don't know there is a huge difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Examples of sexual harassment are when someone smacks your butt in public, making unwanted and/or sexual comments. Sexual assault is rape. It is when one person has sex with another without their consent. It can be the violent type of attack we all associate with rape, but it can also be as simple as one person has sex with another who was too drunk to be fully coherent.

Those who believe the accused should be punished before due process just continue to polarize this issue. Every sexual assault victim deserves to be believed however, we have a process to our justice system. Nowadays you can just point a finger at someone, and they'll get fired. Actors, CEOs, and everyone in between. What truly angers me? The people who have the audacity to lie about being sexually assaulted. Why would you lie about something so horrible happening to you? Attention? Because it's the "trendy" thing to do on social media?

This temporary interest in sexual assault is insulting.

Being abused and sexually assaulted are traumatic experiences. It's dehumanizing. If everyone truly cared about helping sexual assault victims and abuse victims they wouldn't avoid the topic around us.

While it is vital to lessen the stigma around sexual assault and abuse to tackle the issues, making it a "trendy" issue takes away from the severity of it.

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