Seventeen Tips On How To Survive Your College Freshman Year
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Student Life

Seventeen Tips On How To Survive Your College Freshman Year

It takes more than easy mac and coffee.

Seventeen Tips On How To Survive Your College Freshman Year
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Speaking as someone who survived their freshman year (survived as in made it to the end with blood, sweat, and tears), getting through your first year takes some actual adulting. Horrifying, I know. But with that new independence comes responsibility. Here are a couple tips on how to successfully live through your freshman year at college.

1. You don’t need those dresses and skirts you’re trying to shove in your duffel bag.

I made that mistake. They ended up collecting dust in my closet since 98% of the time I rolled out of my dorm in sweats and a free t-shirt I got that promoted some random SU club. You will 100% succumb to the groutfit within the third week.

2. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear; beer before liquor, you’ll never be sicker.

Unless you wanna hurl your Commons food into the bushes outside a frat house, just stick to this rule.

3. Don’t take an 8 am class.

“Oh, but I got up at 6:45 a.m. for high school every day, this is totally doable!” No. Stop it. It’s not doable, it’s called being an idiot and signing yourself up for hell.

4. Don’t leave your laundry to the last minute.

It’s not in your best interest to wear the same jeans four days in a row. It’s not in your best smell factor either.

5. Ignore boys who text you after 11:30 p.m.

Those, ladies, are called players and every college is infested with them. The best insecticide to use is the cold shoulder.

6. Join a sports team or club.

Joining the SU equestrian team was the best decision I ever made. I wouldn’t have gotten through my freshman year without my girls.

7. You won’t get any studying done in your room.

Make the trek to the library, sit your butt down in the quiet section, and be the good little student your mother thinks you are.

8. Speaking of moms, make sure to call yours.

They’re your biggest cheerleader and give excellent advice.

9. Every person is just as scared and nervous on your first day as you are.

Many are too shy to make the first move. Save someone some anxiety and just sit down and introduce yourself. You’ll be glad you did it, trust me.

10. Go to office hours.

Your professor has so many students that their faces have morphed into one generic desperate college kid. Make yourself stand out by going to their office at least once a week with questions about the class. It’ll also prompt them to raise your grade from an 89 to a 90 if you’re on the edge.

11. For the love of God, take out your trash.

At one point my roommate and I collectively had over 5 full trash bags, 3 pizza boxes, and countless empty chipotle bags (courtesy of me). My mother would’ve had a heart attack if she ever saw it (sorry Mom if you’re reading this). God bless for febreeze scenties

12. Go to events for free stuff.

My mom yelled at me because I came back with about 8 new tshirts. A lot of the events also give you free snacks; I was late to Psych once because there were too many free snacks to carry.

13. If there’s a dog on campus, chase it down to pet it.

I’ve also been late to Psych because I was busy petting dogs. Totally worth it, they were really good dogs.

14. You’re paying for that gym on campus, might as well use it.

Freshman fifteen is very, very real.

15. Don’t spend all of your money on food.

Speaking from a very disappointing and hangry experience.

16. Take care of your mental health.

It’s okay to take a day to yourself, even if it means skipping class. You can’t perform to your top level if you’re drowning inside.

17. And finally, have fun.

Have fun, don’t be too serious, work hard, and make lots of friends. These are some of the best years of your life; don’t waste them.

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