Seven Wonders Of The (Food) World: The Best Of New Orleans Jazz And Hertiage Festival
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Seven Wonders Of The (Food) World: The Best Of New Orleans Jazz And Hertiage Festival

Bucket list worthy foods that will change your life forever. You're welcome.

Seven Wonders Of The (Food) World: The Best Of New Orleans Jazz And Hertiage Festival

Ah, yes. Jazz Fest. One of New Orleans' greatest treasures.

There are a number of reasons as to why everyone needs to experience Jazz Fest at least once. In just seven days, not only can you get your music fix and a nice dose of culture shock, but you can also experience a plethora of delicious foods.

This is a festival unlike any other. Therefore, I would advise against dressing like some wanna-be Coachella flower child. I do, however, highly recommend wearing a nice stretchy outfit, or fat pants, if you will, in order to experience maximum food-gasms.

With a menu of such great depth, it is hard NOT to become overwhelmed by the enormous variety of food. To ease your troubles, I have comprised a list of foods you absolutely should not leave Jazz Fest without trying.

1. Canseco's Cuban Sandwiches

Personally, I have yet to find a more appropriate way to experience ham, pulled pork, mustard, Swiss cheese, and pickles other than all-together and pressed to toasty perfection on French bread. Seriously. There is no description to do this masterpiece the justice it rightfully deserves.

2. Crawfish Monica from Kajun Kettle Foods

You're really going to need your fat pants for this one. Crawfish Monica, aka rigatoni pasta tossed in quite possibly the most deliciously artery-hardening combination of cream, butter, all kinds of other tasty seasonings, and of course, crawfish. You may need confession after consuming this bowl of awesomeness because it is so good, it's sinful.

3. Frozen Cafe Au Lait by New Orleans Coffee Co.

This is a more indulgent, but still great way to cool down. Not only that, but you can also caffeinate yo-self which is important. This frozen concoction is a delicious blend of Cool Brew coffee (my personal favorite) and other good stuff that makes it sweet, creamy, and perfect. It's especially great if you're an early bird who gets to JF first thing in the morning.

4. Squeal’s Smoke Street Catering: BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Another sandwich for easy, fork-free enjoyment. Tender chicken tossed in sweet and tangy barbecue sauce on a soft, buttery bun? Yes PLEASE. Seriously, get your hands on one of these bad boys.

Personally photographed by my boyfriend, notice how I ate half of it before I realized I needed a picture.

5. The Mango Freeze (sponsored by WWOZ Community Radio)

While the name is pretty self-explanatory, allow me to elaborate. This frozen wonder consists of mango (obvi) in a way that is unlike any other. Somewhere between a snowball and sorbet, it is the perfect way to cool off while you're festin'. Worried it might melt too fast? Fear not, you can get it year-round at any Morning Call.

6. Greek Garden Salad from Mona's Cafe

Definitely the healthiest, and probably one of the lightest munch options at the Fest. This salad is so fresh and so simple you really can't pass it up, especially if you've been over-indulging all weekend long.

7. Prejean's Crawfish Enchiladas

Oh. My. Goodness. If Heaven could take food form, it would be in that of the crawfish enchilada. I have no words for this except #blessed, because that is how my taste buds feel to be able to experience this exquisite wonder of the (Jazz Fest) world.

Let me make myself clear: there is not one "bad" option at Jazz Fest as far as the food in concerned, the music line-up might suck sometimes, but that is beside the point. Regardless of whether you choose an item off of this list, or if you venture off and try something different, you will certainly not be disappointed. It is all great! Otherwise, it wouldn't be served at Jazz Fest.

For the complete Jazz Fest menu, click here.

Bon Apetit!

P.S. Jazz Fest is not the only time or place for you to enjoy these foods, the reason I listed the provider is so you can find them year-round and of course to give the credit where it's due. Also, shout out to EatingNOLA for posting awesome pictures. If you need to stimulate your senses, namely hunger, check them out. Don't live in New Orleans? My deepest condolences to your poor, unfortunate taste buds.

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