Criminal Minds, Bones, The X Files, and probably the newest addition to this almost, "craze", the new Ted Bundy movie, and more, have fed the mind of curious people who want to know the deeper meaning behind serial killers, such as what drove them to become serial killers, what are their triggers, their methods and motives. Some people may think this curiosity is strange, creepy, or out of the ordinary, but others may think it's interesting and mind-boggling.

Some of the most famous serial killers are famous for their methods of killings, or how many people they killed, or every how they attracted their victims, so here's a deeper look into some of the nation's most famous serial killers.

Did you know at any given point in there, there are around 82 serial killers in the country?

1. Jeffery Dahmer

Jeffery Dahmer. AKA, The Milwaukee Cannibal. Dahmer was an America serial killer who murdered 17 men between the years 1978-1991. He went after mainly African-American males, those who hung out at gay bars, bus stops, and malls. He promised them money and sex and would drug them before he took their lives by strangulation. He'd then engage in sexual acts with their bodies before dismembering them and commonly keeping skulls or genitals as souvenirs.

2. John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy was another American serial killer, however, his method for choosing his victims was different from that of Dahmer. Gacy was known as the "Serial Killer Clown", because he was a children's party clown and would sometimes dress up as his clown character, Pogo, when he was executing his victims. When he was arrested for his murders, he actually took up visual art, and tow of his paintings actually.

3. Theodore Bundy


Theodore Bundy, otherwise known as Ted Bundy, is one of the most known serial killers in the country. Documentaries have been made of him, along with a popular Netflix movie, just because of the idea that what was seen as such a "handsome and charming man" in his time, was actually a serial killer. He managed to get away with killing across multiple state lines and evaded the police multiple times. Bundy admitted to 36 killings of women, but it's believed that he could have killed closer to 100 women.

4. Richard Ramirez


The "Night Stalker". Richard Ramirez was another American serial killer who killed at least 14 people and managed to rape and torture at least two dozen more, mostly in the year 1985. Ramirez was heavily influenced by his older cousin, who got him into marijuana as they showed him pictures and told stories of how he would torture and inflict pain on Vietnamese women.

5. Edward Kemper


Edward Kemper is a notorious American serial killer, who was also known as, "The Co-Ed Killer". According to FBI investigators, there are ten traits someone can have that might point to them being a serial killer, and Edward Kemper had all ten of these traits. He was a 6'9 man, who stated at a young age, when asked why doesn't he try kissing his attractive young teacher, "if I kiss her, I'd have to kill her first." He was responsible for killing ten people, including his grandparents and his own mother, and when he killed his grandma by shooting her in the head and stabbing her, he said, "I did it because I wondered what it would feel like to shoot grandma."

Serial killers are known for being sociopaths or psychopaths or just blindly crazy. The movies and television shows only give these insane people more fame, and it feeds the desire to learn about them and how they work. Now, is the idea that we want to learn about serial killers and murderers terrifying, or is it fascinating?