Serenade Part 3

Unbeknownst to them, Greyson's mother had seen this whole thing occur and her hard heart cracked slightly and she started to see why her son loved this girl so much and just how much they needed each other.

"Greyson, do you have any place where I can be closer to water, I can feel that the storm is back and it's about to rain." Emerald said as she started to grab a blanket and get out of bed.

"We have an older side living room with glass walls, there's a great couch in there and you can watch the rain. Come on," he said as he picked her up, "I'll take you down there."

As they walked to the other living room, Emerald just stared at Greyson and couldn't help but smile. "How did I get so lucky to find someone like you?"

"You just needed to get a break from the water and get some fresh air to find a fish that wasn't in the sea." Greyson said with the biggest, nerdiest smile on his face.

"I'll take a land fish over a sea fish any day." Emerald said with a slight smirk on her face.

Then they both just busted up laughing but smiling at each other with the same understanding that they truly were so happy to have found each other.


Greyson had left and Emerald had been sitting on the couch in the spare living room watching the rain pour down and consume the rest of the world as her thoughts ran wild. What was going to happen? Who was Emerald going to have to choose: her family, her father, her love or her?

The storm was starting to pick back up again and Emerald could tell that it was only going to get worse from here on out. She has no idea what she is going to do and how she could even try and stop this storm while still being able to survive. What on earth was her father doing?

While Emerald's mind was awake and racing, Greyson's, on the other hand, was slowing down and turning towards sleep. He had only strayed a small distance from Emerald as he had crashed on the sofa in the main living room. He wanted to give her the space she needed but wanted to be close by in case she needed anything. He knew his life hadn't necessarily been the best one, but at certain points, he couldn't understand how one girl who was part siren, part mermaid and could transform into a human could have so many horrible things happen to her. All that was in Greyson's mind as he drifted off to sleep was trying to find ways to give Emerald a life that was a little lighter or at least better ways that he could be there for her.

The next morning, Greyson was woken up by his mother lightly tapping him on the arm. "Greyson honey, why are you asleep down here, you have a perfectly wonderful room upstairs?"

Greyson rubbed his eyes as he sat up, "Emerald had an awful nightmare and wanted to watch the rain, so I took her to the side living room so she could see it, but I didn't want to completely leave her. I must have accidentally fallen asleep on the sofa."

His mother rolled her eyes, which she tried to hide from her son, but he caught the last bit of it and continued to see just how much disdain his mother had.

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