Serena Williams: The Queen We All Need

Serena Williams Is The Queen We All Need—And She's Taught Me That I Can Be Strong And Beautiful

Serena Williams is the role model we all need in our lives.


Beauty. Strength. Grace. Fire. Despite all odds, Serena Williams has continued to be one of the most inspirational athletes for the past two decades. Serena Williams is someone I've looked up to since elementary school. I grew up with posters of her hanging all over my room, staying up late to watch her win yet another Grand Slam, and watching her continue to grow as one of the biggest female icons of our time.

She's taught me that no matter who is on the other side of the net, another side of the desk, or another side of the phone, I shouldn't be afraid to show everyone who I am and that I'm a force to be reckoned with.

Imagine being on a world stage and having people critique you for your body type and skin color. A lot of people are insecure about their image, but not everyone has millions of people watching them on TV and in magazines and newspapers. Serena has had countless reporters comment on her body-build, saying it was masculine or unnatural, and she had to find ways to overcome this hatred. One of my favorite Serena quotes was when she said: "This is me, and this is my weapon and machine."

A lot of people can look up to Serena when it comes to body image. If Serena can face so many negative comments about her body and still feel confident, it can motivate you to feel confident about your own body. Growing up, I saw Serena as my role model because I was always bigger and taller than most guys in middle and elementary school.

Guys would often tease me about this, but I would respond saying things like "I want to be strong like Serena." At times I would still feel insecure while playing high school tennis with and against a lot of girls who were slimmer than me, but I continued to use Serena as my inspiration.

I could be strong and beautiful.

Serena's collaboration with Bumble portrays a strong message that all women need to hear. I've already watched this video 20+ times and I strongly recommend you watch this one minute video. The slogan "Women, the ball is in your court" is about how women already have power and shouldn't wait to seize it. I've realized that in my life, whether it be in class, in the gym, in a group project, or on the field, I always wait to be called upon or to be included.

If Serena Williams had waited for people to include her, she never would have won 23 grand-slam titles. Sometimes, we all need to be more assertive and confident in ourselves and abilities.

Another strong quality that we can see in Serena is how she doesn't feel the need to apologize for who she is. She isn't afraid to call people out for being rude to her, and her fire lights up the tennis court. As a female, I've always found myself having to be extra assertive to show my ideas, and then once I'm finally heard, I apologize for coming off as aggressive. As females, we shouldn't have to do this. We shouldn't apologize for the fire that keeps us going.

Whether it is confidence, self-discipline, or persistence, we can all learn something from Serena's journey to become one of the greatest athletes of our time. At the young age of 17, she won her first grand slam title and defeated the world's #1 player of that time. Now, at the age of 37, she's the founder of a clothing line, a mother to Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., and still one of the most powerful athletes in the world.

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Cover Image Credit: paper4pc

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Why Beyoncé Is Empowering To White Women Too

I dream it, I work hard, I grind it till I own it.


Beyoncé is undoubtedly known for her strong voice, and an incredible representation of her culture, and her beliefs.

Making it clear that being an African American woman, or man should be accepted and owned.

Her music gets us dancing out of our chairs, and singing right along with her.

While everyone, male, female, older, and younger has their own opinions on Queen B.

One thing that she stands for that's clear, is Empowerment.

And I think this message can be received by all of us.

You can be curvy, with a gorgeous afro, or you can be skinny, with long thin hair.

You can be pale or dark, the point is, you're owning not only the way you look but who you are.

I personally think white women are accused of not having enough culture, rhythm, or "spice."

And this can be true. No shame.

But there is beauty within all of us, even the skinny girl with amazing abs we all secretly hate.

She's beautiful.

Just as the redhead with no eyelashes, the blonde who can't really tan, is gorgeous.

Beyoncé makes being who we are, owning your ethnicity not only a good thing but something worth knowing.

Learn your history, find out what English colony you belong to, or which part of Europe your family is from, and express it.

Express it however you know how.

Whether that's through your food, your clothes, your art, or music,

If you're a cowgirl or a city girl, then be that.

American isn't supposed to represent white supremacy but rather a country that is accepting of all.

Those are the kind of white women we should be.

Not the stereotypes of a "white girl," or a "dumb blonde."

Know that no matter how pale you might be, no matter how short, or weight, you're amazing.

White girls can be skinny, or curvy, which is another beautiful thing about Beyoncé she's a beautiful curvy woman, and no one is fat shaming her. Just as no one else should be.

That thigh gap or that nonexistent one is great.

Because it's you.

And maybe you don't have spice or rhythm, but you can try, get out of your comfort zone and express whoever that is.

Even being shy, and timid, is still expressing yourself in your own way, and in the way that makes you feel comfortable.

The takeaway we can truly get from Beyoncé is being true to who we are, and that doesn't mean being her, or being someone like her.

It's taking away what we've learned from our pasts, from our mothers, or our grandmothers, learning from our history, and being a better example.

And maybe you're just a white girl, with European ancestors, but that still makes you a Beyoncé in your own way.


Learn more about it who you are and where you come from, and what you'll find is that we all have an amazing heritage.

No matter what color we are.

We're all Beyoncé's.

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