I realize I'm probably going to get a lot of backlash for this, but Serena is terrible in every way possible.

Why don't we first begin with the fact that she claims to be a feminist and supporter of all women, but treats a lot of them like trash. If you watch videos of some of her matches, she is screaming at them, claiming they aren't doing their job, or they're terrible to look at, etc. I realize she does this to the men as well, and by no means am I saying that's ok, but someone who states she's a supporter of feminism should not be downgrading these women like this. I don't care who you think you are.

To continue, can we please just pay close attention to the fact that she threw her racket at the U.S. Open. A grown woman pitched a tantrum fit because she lost. All while still screaming at the poor people working the event. She wasn't getting her way so she pitched a fit. This is what 5-year-olds do, not grown adults. It's childish, and horrible, not to mention it completely took the spotlight away from the one who truly deserved it because of her win, Naomi Osaka.

Finally, she is a mother. I get it, she's an athlete and super competitive. That doesn't give you permission to act the way she acts. She has a child to be an example to, though. When she's over there pitching fits, trying to get her way when she clearly hasn't earned it, what example does that set for her child? What example does that set for all children?? A terrible one. Be the example you should be for your child and quit crying because you lost.

If you disagree with my opinions, you're wrong, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.