To the seniors in their last semester

To The Seniors In Their Last Semester of College, You Did It

We made it!


This is it.

Soon we will be receiving that cap and gown, walking across that stage, taking graduation pictures, framing that degree, and then getting great jobs. You made it this far because of all of the hard work you put in. Whether you have a job lined up or not, I hope you get your dream job. Due to all of the excitement, it will be easy to not take your last semester seriously. Even though we're almost done, do your best.

Keep track of assignments and pass everything. After being in college for 4 years, you truly don't want to do another semester, and prolong graduating because of a failing class. Try to stay motivated and don't let the senior-itis win!

Some days graduating seems scary, but on most days it seems exciting. For me personally, I just want this semester to fly by. I'm ready to get a big girl job, and start my life. Working full time will keep me beyond busy, I'd rather do that than be in school writing essays and staying up studying for exams.

We've got through so much throughout the past 4 years. We had fun moments and not so fun ones. We learned a lot about our majors, and ourselves. You should feel proud of yourself because, you made it so far! Soon you'll be living your best life.

While this won't be the easiest semester for us, we got this. There will be lots of papers, presentations, exams, and deadlines but we will overcome the bad. There will be days where you feel like you won't make it, but I know you can! You didn't make it this far for nothing. Enjoy your last semester of college, and make a lot of memories.

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'Land Before Time' Is One Of My Favorite Movie Series

When you watch a movie for so long and continue to watch it you learn from the characters every time you watch it.


Everyone has watched Land Before Time..right? Well if not allow me to tell you about it and why I enjoy watching them so much. It is part of a 14 movie series and it follows the adventures of five friends going through life together. I enjoy watching the friendship pan out since they are all different types of dinosaurs who were always taught that they don't interact with those who aren't like them.

The movies follow Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike. They become friends after they have to try and get to their families after an earthquake separates them from their families. In the beginning, Littlefoot and Cera are the first two to head to The Great Valley together, Littlefoot got the directions from his mother. His mother died after she saved Littlefoot and Cera from getting attacked by a sharp tooth, then the earthquake happened.

On their way to the Great Valley, Littlefoot and Cera met the others along the way. They first met Ducky while Littlefoot was laying at the water where she was swimming, then it was Petrie, and finally, it was Spike. The unlikely group had to work together to find their way along with trusting that Littlefoot actually knew where he was going. He was using what his mother told him before she passed and he kept hearing her help him along the way.

They finally made it to The Great Valley and were finally reunited with their families. However, for Spike, it was different he was "adopted" into Ducky's family. Littlefoot was reunited with his grandparents, Cera with her father and siblings, and Petrie with his mom and siblings. Together they made it home and they would continue to help each other as well as help the others in the tough times.

My favorite part about all of it is the fact they are different. Growing up watching these movies taught me that it's okay to be friends with those who are different from you and I feel that it helped me make the friends I did and continue to have in my life. For them, they were always told by their parents from a young age that they don't associate themselves with those who aren't part of their kind. Cera's father was the one who was constantly telling her that "three-horns don't hang out with longnecks" and although she was taught this she was always with Littlefoot and the others.

I also enjoy hearing the songs they sing that is associated with what adventure they were on at the time. I enjoy watching them grow and learn with each other as time went on, they were always there for each other and were always ready to help anyone who needed it. At one time they "raised" a baby sharp tooth who later turned into their friend and helped them from his parents.

Although they were different they didn't let that or anyone else stop them from being friends. They enjoyed their time together and would sometimes go behind the adults' backs to hang out. Mostly it was Cera who went behind her dad's back and they ran away once because they thought they were going to get separated and they didn't want to not be friends anymore.

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