This is it.

Soon we will be receiving that cap and gown, walking across that stage, taking graduation pictures, framing that degree, and then getting great jobs. You made it this far because of all of the hard work you put in. Whether you have a job lined up or not, I hope you get your dream job. Due to all of the excitement, it will be easy to not take your last semester seriously. Even though we're almost done, do your best.

Keep track of assignments and pass everything. After being in college for 4 years, you truly don't want to do another semester, and prolong graduating because of a failing class. Try to stay motivated and don't let the senior-itis win!

Some days graduating seems scary, but on most days it seems exciting. For me personally, I just want this semester to fly by. I'm ready to get a big girl job, and start my life. Working full time will keep me beyond busy, I'd rather do that than be in school writing essays and staying up studying for exams.

We've got through so much throughout the past 4 years. We had fun moments and not so fun ones. We learned a lot about our majors, and ourselves. You should feel proud of yourself because, you made it so far! Soon you'll be living your best life.

While this won't be the easiest semester for us, we got this. There will be lots of papers, presentations, exams, and deadlines but we will overcome the bad. There will be days where you feel like you won't make it, but I know you can! You didn't make it this far for nothing. Enjoy your last semester of college, and make a lot of memories.