20 Times 'The Office' Described High School Senioritis
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20 Times 'The Office' Described High School Senioritis

It's almost as if your soul has left your body and in its place is a sloth.

20 Times 'The Office' Described High School Senioritis

Senior year. You've endured years and years of school, and it's finally coming to an end. Of course, if you plan on going to college, you have a long road of even MORE school ahead of you. However, the fact that high school is finally coming to a close is a dream come true. Senioritis eventually hits all school seniors-- when it rains, it pours.

It's almost as if your soul has left your body and in its place is a sloth. The amount of cares you give drop to little or even none. The blood, sweat, and tears shed over past assignments seem pointless, and the bare minimum becomes quite appealing. No one understands senioritis quite like The Office characters.

1. The school year has officially begun-- you and your friends reminisce on the good ol' years and wonder where the time went

2. You and your senior squad walk around the school like you own the place

3. Classes don't seem too difficult, life is good, and there's a moment where you've actually convinced yourself that you'll survive this final school year

4. . . .but then you get your first test back and see your grade

5. Every adult in your life begins to overwhelm you with questions about your future but you can't give them answers because you have no clue about anything

6. No matter how many times you take the ACT/SAT, your score either stays the same or drops

7. You submit applications to several colleges and just hope that one of them pities you enough to accept you

8. Having a mental breakdown in class because stress is dominating your life

9. Having a mental breakdown outside of class because you had a mental breakdown in class and missed everything the teacher taught

the office GIF

10. You finally decided on a college and actually get excited about the thought of going to college

11. . . .until you see how much college costs and realize you will forever be drowning in debt

12. When you think you're doing good in your classes and decide to look at your grades only to realize that you're actually failing three classes

13. Coming to the conclusion that the only good solution is to drop out of high school regardless of how close you are to finishing

14. When you actually take the time to study for finals

15. That moment when you return to your desk after turning in your final

16. When your teachers offer extra credit

17. That moment when you get your cap and gown and realize just how close graduation actually is

so close jim GIF

18. When it's FINALLY graduation day

19. When the valedictorian's speech is five years long and you just want him/her to wrap it up so you can go ahead and graduate

20. That moment when you finally graduate and realize that you'll actually miss high school

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