10 Senior Year Feelings As Told By Schmidt From 'New Girl'

10 Senior Year Feelings As Told By Schmidt From 'New Girl'

"I'm a human being and I'm entitled to my emotions."

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So, it's senior year and I have mixed emotions.

I don't know if I should laugh, cry, or dance, but it's exciting nevertheless.

New Girl's cocky but sweet character, Schmidt, is hilariously relatable in many ways.

Nothing describes how I'm feeling about senior year more than these 10 gifs:


Not a fan.

2. Senior year, what?!?!

Two seconds ago I was a freshman.

3. Trying to figure life out. 

Hard times. Good times.

4. I'm not ready to partake in homework endeavors. 

Summer where did you go?

5. Realizing in less than a year things will be very different. 

Exciting but terrifying.

6. I'm just chilling, tbh. 

Except for when I' drowning in homework.

7. Constant motivation. 

Adulting can be hard. Sometimes, you have to push your self.

8. Going back to campus and realizing you don't recognize anyone anymore. 

Living off campus has its downsides.

9. Saying "yes" to every outing with friends! 

After all, the next year is going to fly by.

10. Trying to embrace every weekend. 

Even if it means making cookies and watching new Netflix originals.

Senior year is cram packed with emotions, but it's an exciting time!

Let's enjoy it.

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