5 Questions All College Grads Are Bombarded With

I mean really, it's not a terrible question, the whole "What's next?" one.

In fact, it is one I ask myself every single day.

Senior year of college is a crazy time. There comes a point when you realize that unless you change your profession, you will probably never have a summer off again.

Lemme' tell ya', THAT is a tough realization to face.

You're tellin' me that I can't ever have 3 months of pure relaxation ever again ever? I mean, that doesn't sound all that great.

Postgrad life terrifies me and excites me all at once. I can't wait for it and simultaneously want to stay in my senior year forever.

Alright pals, let's dive in, if you are a senior in college, you probably get these questions on a weekly, or daily, or hourly basis.

1. "Are you moving back home?"


And your response could be a "Heck no" or an "absolutely" or perhaps the one we have probably all said for the last 4 years, "I DO NOT KNOW."

2. "Have you found a job?"


Sorry Sally, but NO, I do not graduate for another 5 months, companies aren't thrilled to hire "almost-college-grads-that-could-move-anywhere-in the-world-in-5-months."

3. "Are you ever going to get married?"


I mean, yes? I hope so. WHO KNOWS? I JUST WANT MY DEGREE. If there is not a ring on my finger than it'll be a no for now. After all, I am 21, hopefully I have some time, ok?

4. "Are you getting your masters?"


Alright, yes this question is pretty practical, but I still don't have an answer. I'm just taking things one degree at a time.

I think we all know these questions are coming. I think I just expected to have more answers to them when they came. Almost all of these I answer with a resounding, "I'M NOT POSITIVE BUT..."

If you are a senior in college, don't fear. Get that degree and keep putting one foot in front of the other, AND I'm proud of you, by the way, congrats!

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