It's that time of year again. Another year of college is coming to an end and you can feel the stress in the air. Deadlines, finals and preparing to move back home are quickly approaching. It's one of the worst times of the year. Here's the end of the semester feels as told my our favorite "Friends" characters:

1. When you try to convince yourself to start paying attention for the first time all semester

2. And trying to sit through any lecture in the last two weeks

3. When your professors decide you need to have an exam two weeks before the final

4. Reading the first page of the study guide like

5. Also you when you realize it's like reading a foreign language

6. After you decide to start studying and call it a night after 30 minutes

7. Making last minute efforts to try and save your grades like

8. When you complain about how screwed you are for the final and that one person goes "this stuff really isn't that hard"

9. When your parents call and you're trying not to let them know you've already had three nervous breakdowns in the past twelve hours

10. When you've pulled five all nighters and have twelve shots of espresso in your system and you've lost all sense of self

11. And just when you think you couldn't lose your sanity anymore

12. Finishing your final

13. And walking out like

Here's to surviving another finals week.