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When Making Choices About Your Future, Selfish Is The New Selfless

Your future is YOUR future. You have the right to be selfish with it.

When Making Choices About Your Future, Selfish Is The New Selfless
Tessa McLamb

College, a time where freedom is limitless and rules are no more. When given the chance to break free of the restrictions of our adolescent lives, we tend to forget that new responsibilities and obligations exist. Essentially, we travel far and wide to college for a degree but learn much more than just class content during our time there. Because we know so little and are forced to learn so much, it's important to place ourselves first in our own lives. We have to cater to our own needs, handle our own responsibilities, and become who we were set out to be. That being exactly why selfishness in college really isn't all that wrong.

1. Time is everything

time running out

We all know that time management is key to making it through the most crucial four years of our lives. Knowing when to complete an assignment. Knowing how to make a Starbucks run 10 minutes in between your classes. Or simply just knowing when you need to have your own time.

Being selfish with your time becomes necessary when you are trying to balance seemingly infinite tasks. The awareness of it being OK to skip out on a good time so that you can have your time to thrive is important. Often times we lose ourselves to the masses by wanting to appease others first. But if there's one thing I can tell you it's that learning to be selfish with your twenty-four hours is one of the most selfless things you can do for yourself.

Every single person on this Earth has the same twenty-four hours in a day. The only difference is how we each manage our time. What are we doing with our twenty-four hours? Are we seizing the day or are we allowing time to be construed meaninglessly? Make time for you, promise yourself those hours and allow your college career to thrive.

2. It's not you, it's me


Creating relationships in college is inevitable. Whether it be potential friendships or a love interest, you're bound to build a connection. At the same time, when jumping into new relationships, you are still to be mindful of what you want from them. Of course, keeping in mind what the other party desires is just as important but specifically for you, being selfish with new relationships is OK. Not wanting to pour all of your beings into someone else is OK. Not allowing your circle to determine who you should be is more than OK.

Being selfish with relationships doesn't mean to be inconsiderate towards others. It just means that you should consider what you want from those around you first, before settling into anyone's company.

3. Chasing the bag

We strive to let it touch our hands. We dream about the day the blood, sweat and literal tears all become worth it. Getting that degree is really what college is all about! Being selfish when it comes to securing your future is key! How many positions are there in your dream job? How many are big job opportunities there for your desired field? These chances of a lifetime only come around once.

The company that you want so dearly to work for won't, and don't, have vacancies forever. So be selfish with your career. Be selfish with your degree(s). Apply for ALL of the top positions. Apply for ALL of the internships. Why? Do it because it's what you love. Do it for future financial stability. Be selfish with your end goal of getting that degree and securing your future.

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