I'm Not Self Terming From The Disney College Program
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The Disney College Program Isn’t Always Easy, But I’m Not Giving Up On My Dreams

I'm contributing to keep Walt Disney's legacy from fading.

The Disney College Program Isn’t Always Easy, But I’m Not Giving Up On My Dreams
Ana Paula Ricalde Muench

When I was first thinking of applying for the Disney College Program, I was the typical aspiring CP who used to follow every single YouTube vlog and Instagram page, just to feel like I was already part of the experience. I would religiously watch Emily Nelson and Chase Russell's vlogs every single week, and I truly felt like I was one of their friends, vicariously living the Disney life through their videos. I knew for sure that I wanted to live the life they were living, but I honestly had no idea what I was in for at the time.

Now, I'm not going to say that I was oblivious to the fact that CPs get a lot of hours, sometimes crazy hours, and that we don't really get to visit the parks as often as we would like to. I obviously knew that if I got accepted, I would have to work hard. After all, this is one of the most coveted paid internships in the entire world. By the time I got my acceptance letter, I thought I was prepared for everything that comes with being a Walt Disney World Cast Member. I knew I would have to work a lot, deal with crazy guests, do stuff that isn't even on my contract, and more. But what I wasn't really prepared for was the fact that I would miss my family, my boyfriend, and my friends more than I thought I would.

The first few weeks were honestly a whirlwind of emotions. I wasn't happy in my location, I felt sick all the time, I still hadn't made many friends at work, and to top it all off, the weather was crazy, but at the same time I was having the time of my life enjoying the parks alone and with my other friends. During those first few weeks, I called my boyfriend a lot more than I would like to admit, and I would always tell him that I wanted to give up and self-term.

One thing led to the other, and before my first month as a Cast Member was up, I was moved to a different location: World of Disney. I was honestly scared out of my mind, because I had heard horror stories about that location, but it turned out to be amazing. Yes, I still get crazy hours, but the people I have had the pleasure to meet here have made the experience even more wonderful. My coordinators and leaders are all wonderful, and I couldn't have asked for a better team overall.

Right now, I have a little less than three months for my program to end, and I'm not gonna lie, I still struggle sometimes. I'm in a way better place mentally and physically than I was when my program was only starting, but some days all I can think of is going back home and spending time with the people I love. Sometimes that seems like the easiest way out, but then I think about my future and the career I want to build for myself, and the Walt Disney Company is always the very first thing that comes to mind.

Working for this company is not always the easiest thing, especially being right at the bottom of the food chain. But if there's anything that will keep me going, it's the fact that I'm contributing to keeping Walt Disney's legacy from fading. I will finish this program strong, and when it's time for me to go back home, I will cherish all the memories I made at the Most Magical Place On Earth.

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