Self-Medication: A Poem

Self-Medication: A Poem

Sober up the same.


Pills, coke, whiskey, weed.

Those outdated antidotes

won't drain your venom.

Inhale crystal smoke,

snort stardust, sneeze galaxies,

sober up the same.

Scratch that itch of yours

with self-harm and cigarettes

for one more moment.

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Why You Should Always Credit The Artist

An artist's signature is their greatest power.

In the modern age of the internet, it's really easy for an artist to share their work with the public and put themselves out there. This comes with a huge risk: Art Thieves. A lot of people will argue that it's the artist's fault for posting their work online in the first place, but I can't imagine a world where artists keep their works hidden in fear of being stolen from or copied. There are people out there who prey on how easily accessible art is and make it harder on the artist.

There are, of course, the people who knowingly steal art and slap them on t-shirts/prints on sites like Redbubble. The sad part is, they can profit off of stolen art for a long time before someone reports them for copyright. Lots of people won't look into the source of the art beforehand to make sure it's legit when purchasing these products and only think about how cool it looks.

That leads to the people who unknowingly are part of the struggle of art thievery. These are the people who don't check the source of products from and unknown seller or simply don't think about it. These are also the people who don't realize that sites like Pinterest revolve mostly around unsourced and uncredited artwork. More often than not, the original source for illustrations and art is quickly lost on these sites, and no one really bothers to locate them. This may not be direct profit off of the artist, but it's taking the artist's name off of the work, and making it harder for their art to be recognized as their own.

When you are an artist, one of the things you strive to do is make it so your work is recognizably yours. You want people to see your work, and immediately realize it's yours. This is a hard task to accomplish with how saturated the artist's market is, but an artist should always be able to rely on a signature or a watermark. Art thieves take this away from artists and make it extremely hard for underground artist's to be found.

If you want to support artists, the first step is to pay attention to what you're sharing, and make sure the source is easily located!

Cover Image Credit: Quinn Dombrowski on Flickr

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You Should’ve Left Me: A Poem

You should leave me before it's too late.


You should've left me the night you came home late,

The night I saw your texts with her and felt my love fade.

You should've left me when I asked if you loved me,

Instead of making me feel like you were too drunk to think clearly.

You should've left me when I cried on your shirt,

Instead of kissing me softly and telling me how you never meant to make me hurt.

You should've left me when I asked for a break,

Instead of crying and telling me how much you needed me to feel sane.

You should've left me when I stopped living in the moment with you,

Instead of trying to win me back with those sweet, sweet words that always seemed too good to be true.

You should've left me when I wouldn't stop using my phone,

Instead of assuming there wasn't another guy and you still were my comfort and home.

You should leave me before it's too late,

because I might just do what you did on that night that made my love fade.

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