10 Ways To Turn Valentine's Day Into Self-Love And Appreciation Day Instead
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10 Ways To Turn Valentine's Day Into Self-Love And Appreciation Day Instead

Actually, you know what, this should apply every day.

10 Ways To Turn Valentine's Day Into Self-Love And Appreciation Day Instead

Yeah, so it’s that time of year again. Ya know, the holiday you either love (probably because you get spoiled by your significant other) or you hate (probably because you’re single af and feel forever alone). Either way, you should ask yourself, why not pamper myself today? Actually, you know what, this should apply every day.

A happy life makes for a beautiful you. Take a deep breath, and bask in these tips of easy ways to show some love to your sweet self whether it be Valentine’s Day or not! After all, self love is the most important kind of love there is.

1. Eat well.

Don’t skip a meal, and reduce the amount of sugar you intake.

2. Take a bubble bath with candles.

Oh so relaxing and ever so worth it. Taking time for yourself helps reduce stress and allows your mind to free itself.

3. Never ever, ever say you hate yourself.

So you made a mistake? So what! Own up to it and learn to come to terms with it. Then move on. What is in the past is in the past. Even if you are joking around, saying you hate yourself can actually get into your head and make you feel down in the dumps.

4. Drink lots of water.

Not only is this great for your skin, but it refreshes you. It can reduce headaches, and so much more!

5. Get your beauty rest.

College students especially, sleep in important. Your body needs that reset, and if you get yourself into a routine, you will notice a huge difference in your energy levels and your overall happiness.

6. Exercise.

If all you have time for is a 10 minute walk in the fresh air, do it. Clear your mind and get those steps in. Your body will be so thankful, and overtime, you will see a slimmer you!

7. Laugh.

Smiling comes with laughing, and honestly you should just look for one thing a day to be joyful and thankful for. We have SO many opportunities around us that there is no excuse for we don’t smile and laugh every day. Plus, as you’ve probably noticed the trend, there are benefits to smiling and laughing too.

8. Treat yo self.

Go get your hair done, nails painted, and get a massage. If you look good, you feel good. Just another little thing to smile about. Do what makes you happy.

9. Be kind.

Show everyone that happiness in your heart. You never know what everyone else is going through. More times than not, if you’re nice to someone you’ll get it in return which will help boost your happiness. Win, win! Kill ‘em with kindness.

10. Breathe.

Don’t let the stress of life get to you. That small thing you’re stressing and worrying about? Release it. Pray about it. Take a deep breath. You’ve got this. The world is at your fingertips, and the best is still yet to come.

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