We live in a world where we all focus on ourselves. We focus on is best for us! What we want to do, what we need, what we want to eat. We are so concerned with ourselves, we forget about others.

Now imagine a world where we were all selfless. We cared about what others wanted, what others needed and sometimes we did things for others without even knowing.

We all know someone whose selfless, these are the people that impact our lives the most. The most selfless person I know was my Papaw, Bill. He was a small business owner with a heart of gold. He was the most selfless person. He was always willing to help others and was happy to do it.

He was the gentleman that would do things in life and not expect a single thing out of it. For 17 years he donated a large Christmas tree to Noblesville high school and many people were unaware where this tree came from. The tree brought happiness to so many people. It’s the little things in life like a tree that made so many people happy because Bill was such a selfless person. He was a small business owner, the strived for all the old-style customer service.

These little things that he taught his employees about learning to be selfless. Doing things for others to simply make them happy, and not expecting a dime in return.

The goal of all of us should be learning how to be selfless. Here are a few things to help us begin to become more selfless….

Think about others

Walking down the street, showering, doing homework, eating…. All the time! Think about other people. When we constantly have others on our mind it helps us learn to put others first. Always have others on your mind, think about their feelings. Feelings are the most important things to people and we need to make sure to consider these. If we think about how our actions will affect someone else, we can learn to always make people happy and not accidentally hurt people

Learn the little things

The littlest things you do for people sometimes have the largest impacts. Learn your best friend’s friends favorite candy or drink. If they’re having a bad day at work take it to them, no matter how busy you are. If your girlfriend is kind of clumsy and always drops her toothpick after dinner, simply take more than one when you leave. She might not always need it, but the times she does you’ll have it for her. This will make her so happy that your thinking about her. If your significant other likes it when you simply grab their hand in public, do it! Find out what little things the people in your life enjoy and make an effort to do them. These little things may take you 5 seconds but will make the person in your life so happy.

Their problems are your problems

When the people in your life are going a tough time, it is your problem. Take them under your wing and help them. Help them find the things in their life that make them happy. Take time out of your day and support them. Search for the solution with them. Sometimes all that special someone needs is to know that they can talk to you about their problems and you’ll care and help them.

Be available

Don’t be too busy to help someone. Make time for the people that matter in your life. If someone needs you, make time for them. Find the precious hours to spend time with the people that matter. Nothing is more important than sharing time. Time is the precious thing you can give someone and never get back.

The old things

Open a door for someone, load their groceries, smile. These are the things that use to be normal, but we don’t see so much because everyone is living a selfless life. If you want to become more selfless, do these things. Holding a door for someone takes an extra two seconds, but that could make someone’s day. Compliment or smile at a stranger, this could make them show someone cares about them.

No thanks needed

The biggest part of being selfless is doing things and expecting nothing in return. When you do things in this crazy world, learn to do things to make others happy. When you complete things, don’t always expect a thank you. A thank you is just a bonus. Leave that soda on the teacher’s desk and don’t claim that you did that. Leave a note on your significant others car. You don’t always have to be with the selfless act for it to count. Simply knowing you changed someone day should be more than plenty.

Being selfless in this crazy world we live in might be something that you have to work at but in the end, it will impact other peoples lives. Live in a world where you look at what others need and want as well. When you learn to help others your happiness will increase, and you will be impacting peoples lives. These few things will show people how much you really care and the act of being selfless will make you known.

Bill is a gentleman that is known very well in his community. People respected him, and he left a great legacy. He inspired and still inspires others to lead a better life. He changed peoples’ lives for the better simply for being himself.

We all want to leave a positive impact when we leave this world, and the act of being selfless will help you get there. Leave a positive impact on someone’s life today.

I leave you with something to think about:

Selfish people will never see the beauty of love.

They can’t comprehend why there is joy in serving another person and loving them without expecting anything back.

Selflessness is foolishness to them.