Self-Care Told in GIFs

Lately, my faith in humanity has been slipping. The tension in the nation over the current presidential election, the verdict in the Stanford rape case, and the growing resentment towards the trans community can really deflate the most upbeat optimist. The gloomy world outside can really make you think there is no hope or beauty in the world, but thankfully there is. After brooding for a bit, I decided to share things that I love to do when I am feeling down about the world.

1. Listen to music

2. Go for a hike

3. Watch the sunrise or sunset


5. Read a comforting book

6. Cuddle your pet

7. Go for a run

8. Look at funny videos online

9. Drink a warm beverage

10. Cook

11. Eat a favorite snack

12. Take a bubble bath

13. Make some art

14. Or look at some art

15. Volunteer for a cause you love

16. Go to the beach

17. Spend time with family and friends

18. Retail therapy

19. Go for a drive

20. Meditate or do yoga

The world isn't such a scary place after all. Sometimes all we need to do to see beauty is go out and expierence all the things that make life wroth living.

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