14 Self Care Tips When Life Gets To Be A Lot
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14 Self Care Tips When Life Gets To Be A Lot

This is for everyone struggling to care and love themselves. These are some things that I have been doing in order to take care of myself. I hope that you all find these helpful.

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Self-care is vital to one's existence. So I have put together a collection of tips to help you care for yourself. I hope that this help those in need.

I have been taking the time do quite a few of these and I wanted to take the time to share these tips with you. Self-love is not always looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you are beautiful. Self-love is taking the time to care for you in small and big ways.

Self-care is not selfish, it is taking the time to put yourself first because no one else has. Most importantly, self-care is important because only you can glue yourself back together; Sure someone else can help you find and pick up all your pieces, but only YOU can put them back together.

Self care is not only for the broken souls but also for the full souls that need to be renewed. I applaud you for taking the time to care and put yourself first. You truly deserve it. I love you and good luck to all. Take these tips and add them to those lazy weekends, especially Sundays.

Each morning try to push yourself to get up before the rest of world, so that you can watch the sunrise. Start with seven am, then six am, and then five-thirty am. You can sit by the window and watch the sunrise or you can bundle up and sit outside to watch the sunrise.

Start the day by drinking a glass of water and then try eating breakfast each morning. Eat some fruits and yogurt. Maybe even a bowl of oatmeal. If you're not a breakfast person like me, these are great options to start off the day.

Stretch out your body. Reach high for the sky and then try to touch your toes. Roll out your neck and attempt to stretch everything. Stretching will help relieve those tense muscles and help you feel more relaxed. Then go to the gym for about thirty minutes each day or do workouts in your home for about thirty minutes each day. Then slowly build up to about an hour each day. You could even try yoga or Zumba.

Stop by the store and buy a beautiful journal with a black ink pen so that you can journal your thoughts, emotion, poetry, and ideas. Remember no detail or dream is too small. Write about the things that you want or expect out of life. Tell your story so far. Try imagining yourself through someone else's eyes. Write about they ways that you would change the world. Talk about your fears and find ways to overcome them.

When you take a shower, sing and dance as if you are performing for an audience. Wash your body carefully and lather yourself with moisturizer. Get familiar with those hard to reach places. Don't forget to wash behind your ears, the back of your neck, and between your toes. After your shower do a skin care routine. Face mask, toner, and moisturizer.

Take the time to tidy or change your room around. Sometimes changing around your surroundings will help boost your mood and allow you to accept change just a tad bit better. Give your room a makeover. Buy new posters and comforters. Print out pictures of memories and hang them on your walls. Make a bucket list put it on your door and attempt to accomplish things on it each day.

Light some candles, turn off your lights, play some soft acoustic music, and begin writing in your journal. Or read a book. Read about what interests you. Crime? Romance? Comedy? Education? Romance etiquette? There is legit a book about everything.

Think about the kind of person that you ideally fall in love with; make a list of all of those qualities and become that person. Be the kind of person that you would want to love. Love yourself the way that you want others to love you.

Challenge yourself to be positive for a day. Then a few days. A week. Then a month

When walking around people look up, make eye contact, and walk with straight with straight posture. Compliment others. Become friends with a stranger and ask them their story, hopes, and dreams. Talk to acquaintances so that they become friends

Go outside with a blanket, sunbathe in your thoughts and the sunshine. Daydream about the life you would lead if you did not limit yourself. Then start to remove those limitations. Live life unapologetically and without boundaries.

Do not ignore your own feelings. Cry out all of your pain and then take a nap. Do not silence yourself. Your voice deserves to be heard. Tell someone how you feel and what they did to hurt you. They deserve the chance to grow from their mistakes as much as you. Also stop trying to be enough for others and be enough for yourself. You will be more than enough for the right person. So take care of you.

At the end of the day fix yourself a nice relaxing bubble bath, pour a tall glass of a poison of your choice, turn on the music and enjoy a luxurious bubble bath

Take time to reflect on your day. Take note of the good and bad, then take the time to thank God for both of them. Read a scripture of your choice each night. Then attempt to go to bed earlier than usual

  1. Remember Sweets, you deserve to be loved but most importantly you deserve to be loved by yourself. This is the most vital type of love that you need. This love will help you survive.
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